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Milkweed plant in our Monarch butterfly garden


If you read the Part 1 post in my Blog you’ll know that we have created a temporary monarch butterfly sanctuary in my art studio. If you have not read that post, I highly encourage you to read it before you continue, for context.

Caterpillar (larvae) munching on milkweed in our garden

Since that first stage of having ten caterpillars (larvae) in our sanctuary, we saw seven of them complete the full cycle of metamorphosis from egg (laid on our garden milkweed) to full adult monarch butterfly who in turn, lay more eggs.

The chrysalis, the closest one is about to shed the shell and the monarch butterfly will be “born”. (this photo is taken through the net mesh)

From the stage of the chrysalis, we observed and waited to see what magical change would happen next. From the green with gold speckles cocoon, the next visible change was the darkening in color of the cocoon. In reality, the shell of the cocoon becomes clear, the “darkening” is the black, vibrant oranges and golds that is the iconic and unique color profile of the monarch butterfly.

Soon after the butterfly emerges from her cocoon shell, she rests and pauses before she begins to carefully “pump her wings” and prepare to fly

It was amazing to observe each chrysalis morph from green, to monarch colors, then emerge from the shell of the cocoon and simply to rest as a full butterfly. At first the butterflies pause without movement, lasting about 1-2 hours. Once their now long legs, antenna and wings started to move a bit, we knew that within a few hours, they would be ready to be set free to fly…

Bringing her outside to continue her adult life and the cycle of life.
Saying goodbye and thank you for the blessings to this beauty.

This journey of hosting a monarch butterfly garden and being a steward to the ecosystem continues, we continue to provide and cultivate the milkweed providing nourishment for the monarchs. The experience of providing a safe sanctuary for a small number of these amazing butterflies has been an honor and joyful inspiration. Wow. Amazed. Nature is amazing!

Monarch from my Flora & Fauna Collection, mixed media on canvas, 16 X 16 inches available to purchase on my website.

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In love, gratitude and beauty…

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