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pathThe Path to the Great Unknown ©LE Fine Art (photo)

“The past has no power over the present moment.” ~Eckhart Tolle

Aloha fellow travelers!

Happy New Year greetings from the magical and mystical island of Kauai!  What amazing and expansive times we are in!  I am personally experiencing a time of great change and gracefully releasing what no longer serves my highest good.  Ahhhhhh.  This month, much like December, is a period of transition for many, and I am certainly feeling this.  Why is January still feel like a transition month?  Well, from what I know, the Dec. 31/Jan 1 shift is just one of many larger cyclical passages that occurs and effects us energetically.  The others are the Chinese New Year, this year occurring on January 31 (always coinciding with the new moon), the astrological new year with Aries (first sign of the zodiac) and of course, our friend the groundhog who pops up on Feb. 2, often signalling a new season.  So, with all of those factors in the field, it’s no wonder the vibes are feeling like they do!

Navigating the course moving from the Chinese year of the water serpent to the soon to be wooden horse has proven to be a time of great growth, detachment, adjustments, preparations and education on all levels.  I have re-dedicated myself to my daily yoga practice and embarked on a deep cleanse and all level detox sourcing many of the fruits of the sacred land that I am living on, (fresh Noni, aloe, parsley, coconut water, to name a few) and letting go even more through my long exhales…

I read something recently from the Power Path by Lena Stevens, where she talks about being prepared, getting ready, set, to GO in the coming months of this year.  Here’s an excerpt from her January forecast: “The question is, “What are you preparing for?” This is an unknown as to how the future will manifest, but the preparation is always for something new and better to come into our lives, a new paradigm, a new perception, a new frequency. We do not yet know how it will manifest, but if we are encumbered by all of our excess baggage (physical, emotional and psychological) we will certainly not be able to take advantage of it.”  Oh yeah love that!

Yep!  This is what I am experiencing full on and feel that what I can do at the very least, is to prepare my body/mind temple, my emotional and my Spiritual bodies for what it is I am here to do and what lies ahead.  Starting here with baby steps and moving into what I can change/create in terms of nourishment, in thoughts, emotions, beliefs, relationships and especially letting go of what no longer serves is my focus at this time.

What to prepare for?  One thing I know for sure, this Chinese year of the wooden horse holds lots of promise of dreams fulfilled from following my bliss step by step and through patiently watching the mystery unfold.   From astrologer Carol Barbeau: “Horse magic is always about traveling free and following your path: Horses are to me about Travel, Power, Freedom.”  How exciting indeed!  I look forward to sharing more of the adventure and magic as 2014 rolls on!

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

In love, gratitude and beauty…


Personally Experienced and Recommended Resources

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Carol Babeau Illuminations

Her weekly and monthly forecasts are fun, inspired and always insightful!


“Hope is a waking dream.” ~ Aristotle



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Original in Private Collection

Lagoon Nebula II
Inspired by our vast cosmos… ©LE Art & Design

Every Soul becomes gold when touched by the Beloved.~Rumi

Dear Beloved Community,

Welcome to the January 2013! How are you feeling? As I write this entry, I know that many of us are feeling so many mixed emotions, lots of inner and therefore outer changes, and may be experiencing immense joy, love, and peace!  Personally, I am going through more transformation than I thought possible, and although life is exciting, new, fresh, and keeping me on my toes, sometimes releasing the old ways and habits can be, well, a challenge.

So, on that note, my intention with this blog post is to provide some tools for the journey.  I have listed some of my favorite tools that I have found to be helpful, interesting, and which have provided practical solutions to the many questions that are coming up during this incredible time of planetary ascension and the evolution of humanity.  I pass these along to you simply as an offering, not “the magic pills”.  Consider applying the philosophy of “take what you require and leave the rest”.  I find that this axiom is very useful when exploring and experimenting with the myriad of resources out there in our information age.  Have fun!

I look forward to your comments and connections… would love to hear from you via this blog, FB, or email-lorien@lorieneck.com.

I am here as a fellow spiritual journey-er on the path and support you fully, in the light and in fulfilled love, peace and sacred union with your Higher Self and the Divine.  Remember to laugh a lot as we move along in 2013 and know that this is going to be (and already is!) a great and amazing year!

In love, gratitude, and Unity Consciousness,


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Mastering Alchemy

Energy tools for personal and spiritual growth

Mastery Systems

Mastery Systems offers tools and techniques for individuals to know their own highest choices in any situation, to express their choices with ease and clarity, and more…

Amazingly Simple and Effective Meditations

with Lucinda Drayton of Blissful Records, UK


Alan Watts Narrates in this

 Must See Video

At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities.

~Jean Houston



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