Loving is Tending

fire I 95%Fire I, close up, 3’x4′, Mixed media on canvas, ©LEAD

Love is particular.

When you love someone,

A tangible, touchable someone,

The whole world opens up.

If you want to know the universe,

Dare to love one person.

All the secret teachings are here–

Go deeper, and deeper still.

The gift of concentration

Is the spaciousness that surrounds it.

Focus illuminates immensity.

Sutra 99

The Radiance Sutras: 112 Gateways to the Yoga of Wonder and Delight

(English and Sanskrit Edition, Lorin Roche, Ph.D.)

To love is to pay attention, to give attention, to tend to the being that is YOU or the being/s in front of you.  As I read this sutra above and allow its essence to permeate my awareness, my thoughts and feelings vacillate between the Self and the “other.”  Daring to love me, to know thyself through loving, tending to my own rich tapestry of intricacies is a day to day practice of tending my lifelong journey of wonder, magic, delight and actualization.  The word attention itself is derived from the words tender, tenderness, to tend to it.  Paying attention to the soul, the Self can be as natural as breathing, and is by default, a way of loving the Self.  We love ourselves as we pay attention to our physical needs, our emotional shifts, our thoughts about ourselves and our longings and yearnings in this life.  This way of perceiving how I love myself has been a refreshing, compassionate, kind and gentle way forward as I move forward on my life path.

Self love is the foundation for all other types of love.  Through my own deepening practice of Self love, I am progressively learning to love all else in a more attentive way… from my love for others, for the planet, for what I do, what I create, and everything else that I pay attention to that is outside the boundaries of this being that is Lórien.

love yourself_photog. unknown

Isn’t this perspective an exciting, beautiful and interesting method of loving the Self ?  Since this discovery, I have been in a constantly deepening state of awe, spaciousness and curiosity in love and life.  Awakening to loving myself in this way is transforming all of my interactions with others, from drivers on my morning commute, to my art students, to my more intimate connections, like family and close friends, and of course touching the details and entirety of my life existence in a way that is immeasurable, yet tangible at the same time.

I especially enjoy this line from Lorin Roche, “Love is a state of perceiving great value in the beloved.”  Love can therefore be a practice of paying attention and appreciating the layered nuances of the Beloved Self from the first moments of awakening in the morning to the last moments of alertness before falling into sleep and dream at night.  Aaahhhhhh…

Cast aside the ten thousand things,

And love only one.

Don’t go on to another.

Engage your lively awareness

With this one focus–

One object, one thought, one symbol.

Now go inside,

Find the center.

The soul, the heart.

Right here,

In the middle of the feeling,

Attend the blossoming–

Attention vast as the sky.

Sutra 39

The Radiance Sutras, Lorin Roche, Ph.D.

fire III palette_fuschia

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May your days be filled with a sense of wonder, love, creativity, adventure and play!

In love, gratitude and beauty…


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The Radiance Sutras

Paths to Enlightenment in Everyday Life

as translated by Lorin Roche, Ph.D.


Songs of the Radiance Sutras

Sample Track: Go There



My Manifesta ~Part 2

abundant thinking

Happy New Year 2015 my friends!  My wish for you is that this IS your BEST YEAR EVER!  How BIG are you dreaming these days?  What’s in your heart to BE, BEcome and express in this coming year?  We are still in the window of newness and opportunity, so if you are still feeling the transition from 2014 into 2015, it’s okay, totally okay.  It’s not an “overnight” thing, but a gradual process that require time and space.  One of the rituals that I found to be very helpful in my own transition around the end of 2014/New Year’s Eve was to dedicate a block of time to journal and move through a completion exercise that my friend’s Life Coaches Kat and Elizabeth of Journey Into Being Retreats created.  The exercise is guided through an audio Podcast as well as a written text and is a series of reflective questions for your journal.  Here it is for you to check out and do, Podcast: Completions.

Both whilst and after doing the Completions exercise, I felt so much lighter and most importantly, more complete with the last 12-month cycle so that I can move forward intentionally, powerfully, clearly and confidently into 2015!  I have BIG dreams, visions and am super excited to bring these immaterial realities into manifestation!  Woo hoo!  And, I look forward to sharing my creative dreams with YOU via my website www.lorieneck.com and here of course.

So far this year, I have been “in” my sunny outdoor studio painting two of my large-scale paintings within my Fire Series and larger Elements Collection. Here’s a little teaser about the amazing story and impetus for my latest body of work.

fire nov new 2Fire I-She (excerpt) 3’X4′ Mixed Media on Canvas

The inspiration for Fire and Water.
Legends speak of an ancient culture of advanced beings, submerged in the ocean and buried beneath the sands of time. Not of the lost city of Atlantis, but an entire continent known to us only as “Mu.” The inhabitants of Mu are said to have been artistically and spiritually inclined, and those immortal energies live on in the paintings and vision of Lórien.

Water IV Dec. 11Water IV, (excerpt) 4’X5′ Mixed Media on Canvas

I am looking super forward to sharing more about the magical and fascinating story of the Earth across time through my paintings.

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear your comments here, reach out via my face book page, or email me at lorien@lorieneck.com.

May your year ahead be filled with more love, more peace, more creativity, fun, adventure and play!

In love, gratitude and beauty…


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Conscious Calendars

And, a fun Upcoming Cosmic newsflash  I just learned about from my friend Kathleen Whalen, a Vedic Astrologer and Conscious Calendars founder.

We have a comet visible in the skies right now in Orion’s belt.  http://www.virtualtelescope.eu/webtv/

Next LIVE viewing of the comet is Sunday January 11, 2015 20:00 UT.





IMG_0832_2My palette for my Fire series, Elements Collection ©LEAD 2014

Warm end of summer (for those of us in the northern hemisphere) greetings to ya!  It’s been a very warm, yet mild summer here in So Cal and quite the productive one for this artist as I make progress, day by day, on my latest body of work, paintings Fire I, II, III.  As these paintings are born into completion, I will be sharing photos as well as some “in studio, in action” shots.  In addition to working in my studio and attending gallery events at LGOCA (Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art in Laguna Beach), I feel fortunate and grateful to be able to donate my energy and resources to a great cause that I truly believe in.

The organization is called Girls PACT,  a non-profit, curriculum-based program for young women ages 14-21 based in West L.A. that develops personal values, fosters self-confidence, teaches sexual health, promotes healthy lifestyles and serves the community by empowering young girls to make informed decisions, with confidence, so they may succeed in school, love and life.  Their mission is to inspire young girls to put themselves, their education, goals, and dreams above all else.

I found this to be an inspiring fact about Girls PACT:

OUR Statistics! (check out this link for more info About Girls PACT)

Below are the stats for our Girls PACT program. 

  • Nearly 3 in 10 teen girls in the US will get pregnant at least once before age 20
  • We have been offering the Girls PACT program for 18 months
  • Resulting in ZERO pregnancies
  • With ZERO current funding

My own personal experience as a young woman growing up through those tender years provided me a strong “learning curve” of developing self-confidence and making healthy choices, was certainly learned “the hard way”.  Fortunately I had some tough lessons early on which prompted me to be somewhat conservative throughout my high school and early university years.  I certainly experienced my share of painful lessons around self-esteem and self-respect throughout those years, and honestly, I still am growing, evolving and becoming in these areas of Self- realization.  Process, progress, not perfection is a motto that I like.

My inspiration and motivation to support Girls PACT is directly informed by my own traumatic experiences from ages 14-18 as well as my working directly with hundreds of young women ages 11-18 for over 14 years in the public education system.  My life’s journey has been immersed in deep healing and spiritual work, and lots of support from friends, a variety of healing professionals and spiritual teachers.  My vision and commitment is to support young women in any way that I can through sharing my time, energy, resources and my earned wisdom and I have chosen Girls PACT as one of my organizations to give to.  Looking back, I certainly wish that I had mentors during those times, to guide and support me through the labyrinth of changes, choices and opportunities.  With date rape, teen pregnancy, abuse (emotional, physical), body image issues, eating disorders and more on the rise, it is more important than ever to educate, empower and protect young women from these elements of our ever-changing world.

My introduction to Girls PACT is through a good friend of mine who is on the board and I am delighted to be able to donate a Soul Cosmology Painting Experience™ to their 1st Fundraising event, see details below.  All are welcome to this 21+ event!

Girl Pact Sept. 6

 To purchase tickets, click here.


 Soul Cosmology Painting Experience™ samples

IMG_3673“Lori” Mixed Media on Paper

Cindy“Cindy” Mixed Media on Paper

IMG_3649“Kat” Mixed Media on Paper

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via commenting on this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

In love, gratitude and beauty…



“Art has the power to heal.” ~ Lórien


Who’s Your MUSE?

lorien in the studio with fire seriesIn my outdoor studio with my new Fire Series in the works, (l-r) Fire II, Fire III, Fire I ©LEAD

WHO IS YOUR MUSE?  Where do you find your inspiration?  What inspires YOU?  Where to start?  I recently was chatting with a woman at an event I was at, she told me that her challenge with creativity is where to get ideas.  Hmmmm.  She asked me about where I get my ideas and how it all starts for me.  Well… that question is one of my favorites to reflect upon as I am regularly inundated with yummy inspiration, a flood of ideas and stimulation emerging from both within and without.  The early stage of the creative process is for me often my favorite, although the entire journey of the creative process is exciting and enjoyable.  I wrote a bit about my creative process in my last post, Trust and the Creative Process

Fire 1Fire ceremony ©Photo LEAD

pele goddessPele~ Hawaiian Goddess of Fire

Inception of an idea can start anywhere, for example, a hunch, a whisper, a dream, a conversation, an image, a word, a glance, the options are endless really.  To illustrate, I will refer to my latest inspirations for my new Fire Series, as past of my Elements Collection.  From water came fire for me and it was (and tends to be) a spiral-like journey, vs. a straight line.  My initial interactions with the element of Fire was ignited strongly whilst on the Big Island last year when I spent time in meditation, retreat and ceremony with Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of the Volcanoes while at the Kalani Retreat CenterPele grabbed me and I have been under her tutelage as my main Muse through this moment as I continue to create my new Fire paintings.  Pele urges us to follow our passion… what’s yours?  Are you following your passion?

fire 2Pele flowin’ on the big island of Hawaii ©Photo by MaKia

Fire I in processExcerpt of Fire I in process, 3’X4′, Mixed Media on Canvas ©LEAD

kilauea volcanoKilauea, Hawaii

Kilauea is the most active volcano in the world. The Hawaiian mountain has been steadily flowing since 1983! That makes it one of the most long-lived eruptions known on Earth.

I look forward to sharing more about the journey into the Fire as I roll out my paintings one by one over the next few weeks, sharing the story and artwork here and on my website.  Stay tuned and in the meantime, there is a wonderful NEW art show where I am showing the paintings below at,  MUSE: The Art of Transformation and Healing.
Cosmic XCosmic X, 9X12 inches, Mixed Media on Paper ©LEAD

EckBLagoon Nebula III, 12X16 inches, Mixed media on paper ©LEAD

MUSE flyerCurated by Art 4 All People

June 28 – September 28, 2014

Commonweal Gallery, a nonprofit health and environmental research institute
451 Mesa Rd. Bolinas, CA 94924

Opening Reception and Arts and Healing Festival
Saturday, July 12th from 1:00 pm – 6:00pm

The Opening Event Line-Up

Closing Reception
Saturday, September 27th, 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm

All are welcome! 

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

In love, gratitude and beauty…



“Art has the power to heal.” ~ Lórien



water II source photoInspiration Source Photo, Pacific ocean, Kauai, Hawaii, May 2013 ©LE Art & Design

Hello my readers!  I am back… I took a bit of a sabbatical from this blog roll, as I am have been deeply engaged in my creative process on a new series of paintings for my Elements Collection.  It feels good to be back here and I am excited to share some thoughts about Trust and the Creative Process.  I’ll start by posing these questions: Where do ideas come from? How do we get inspired to create something? Where do I start?  As you know, inspiration and creative ideas can come from anywhere anytime…

For me, creation and creativity come very naturally and I usually have an abundance of ideas.  On the flip side, the challenge for me has been to have  too many choices, feeling overwhelmed or just simply, choosing one to focus on.  As a painter, I have a way to take on the abundance of ideas which is to organize them into collections and sometimes a series within a collection.  I have eight “working” painting collections that serve as containers to hold the individual creations and this is key for the constant creator.

To illustrate the more nitty-gritty, messy and juicy creative process of one of my individual paintings, I have selected Water III, a mixed media on canvas painting.  It is one of five paintings in the Water series within the Elements Collection.  This painting was the 3rd (of 4) in the series that I was making last summer for a show and I must say, my creative process with this painting (and most paintings) was not a straight line.  And, this is what I really would like to share here.  Once the spark of an idea is lit, (in my case I was focused on water as a topic and paintings as the creation), all kinds of curves, twists, turns and some of the following may come up.  And if any of these do arise, the important thing is to stick with the journey and follow the guidance, both your inner guidance and source energy/Creators guidance.

  • unbridled inspiration to start, gather info, research and develop the concept
  • love the work one day, dislike it the next day (even abhor it!)
  • feelings of  anger, frustration and general un-ease and negative emotions
  • desire to quit or start over completely
  • feelings of doubt, the illusion of fear and even questioning the skills set and/or innate talents
  • struggle with the materials or the natural elements (for example, I work outdoors and sometimes the heat dries the paint too darn quick even with methods to slow it down)

Throughout the creation of this painting, I rode the cathartic wave experiencing everything between elation and agony.  At times, I truly thought that this painting was not going to make it.  But, to the best of my ability, I trusted.  I trusted the guidance and love of our Creator to lead me on through; letting go and trusting both at the same time.  Suggested practices that have helped me along the way that you can play with are:

  • when the stuff comes up, FEEL…
  • when you feel stuck, change something, anything!
  • go on daily walks, bike rides, movement and balance has helped me even more than maintenance during an intense creative project
  • pray, meditate, breathe deeply, take long baths, talk to a trusted friend, write about it- we are NOT alone!
  • if necessary, and I just did this with another painting, set it aside and start or work on another project, take a break, but come back to it when you feel ready
  • let it all incubate and gel, relax and seriously chill out when not working on project~ whatever that looks like for you!
  • the main idea is to find the JOY in the creative process and to EnJOy every step of the way…

Now, my practical creative process in a nutshell:  I started with the photo image I took of water, see above, as my source image (what I use as a spring board for an abstract painting).  The canvas size is 24 inches X 36 inches and I used acrylic paint and a variety of mixed media materials.  Below are a series of photographs and the final one is the finished product from start to finish.

water III.1The Beginning

water III.2Next Stage

Water III.3And then this…

water III.5Top portion of the painting

water III.finalNearly done

Water III.4Almost done (reflections on the painting from the sun)

Water IIIFinal Painting, 24X36 inches, Mixed Media on Canvas

insta_WaterIIIMe with Water III at the Bridge to the Soul Art Show

All Images ©Lórien Eck Art & Design

Since its completion in August 2013, this painting, Water III, has been featured in two art shows, one in August 2013 at one of my  galleries Hale Arts SPACE, in Santa Monica and in the Bridge to the Soul traveling show in Los Angeles, November 2013-February 2014.  This painting is available for purchase either through Hale Arts SPACE or directly through me.

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

In love, gratitude and beauty…



“Art has the power to heal.” ~ Lórien


Furry Family Love

IMG_1468 Shanti and Angel sunning!  ©LE Photo

 I have had the honor and privilege of loving, receiving unconditional love and caring for two animals that are to me, basically, people. :)  These two earth angels came into my life in about 11 and 8 years respectively.  Shanti is now 14 years old and the mother of Angel, who is now 8.  They were both born in Hollywood California, and the story is quite like a storybook fairy tale.  I adopted Shanti at the age of 3 and she has been my constant companion and my beloved soul mate, in the form of a fuzzy critter!  She is my love and has been with me through thick and thin!  We have climbed many hills in the LA canyons and enjoyed many sunsets together!   Angel was born into a litter of 3 and was adopted by my parents.  These two puppies have given me and my family such joy, laughs and comfort throughout the years.  The two of them are soul mates to each other as well!

IMG_5877Shanti and Angel going on a field trip to the beach! ©LE Photo

Furry animals of all breeds are truly givers of unconditional love and have much to teach us humans, in my humble opinion.  I am forever indebted to  Shanti and Angel for their sweet licks, happy faces, silly antics and adorable little behaviors that are unique to each of them.  I know that many of you reading this would agree with me about the JOY that animals bring us and how the love from a dear animal is so precious and priceless.  So many of us are animal lovers and honestly I would have to say that 99.99999999% of my friends, family and acquaintances are pet parents.  Are you?  :)

I feel so lucky and am even more lucky to be able to support a wonderful animal rescue organization in Southern California called the Modjeska Ranch Rescue (MRR).  MRR is a non-profit rescue organization based in south Orange County, California and operates as an all-volunteer rescue dedicated to finding great homes for neglected and abandoned animals.

art&wine animal**Due to an overwhelming response so far, the location has been changed to:  The Modjeska Park 28891 Modjeska Road

The organization was founded by Russell and Teresa Taylor in 2001. They opened the door of their heart to helping the helpless and ended up opening up their home for abandoned animals. Since 2001 this couple, in tandem with community support, have placed more than 6500 animals into new homes. The success rate of this rescue is amazing.

I will be there with original paintings, limited edition fine art giclées, fine art gifts and more!  The event title is “Healing Hearts” and it’s true, adopting a pet heals their hearts and brings us lasting joy, comfort, peace and the unconditional love that we all desire.  We will   raising funds for this amazing non-profit under a canopy of oak trees surrounded by nature’s beauty.  All are welcome and I cordially invite you and your loved ones! Feel free to check out their website to learn more about the Modjeska Ranch Rescue.   See you there!

IMG_0487Shanti my love bug! ©LE Photo

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

In love, gratitude and beauty…


 Recommended Resources

Modjeska Ranch Rescue
edicated to finding homes for neglected and abandoned animals.


Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use


“Art has the power to heal.” ~ Lórien


awaken_nourish_logo“Art has the Power to Heal.” ~ Lórien 

 As my friend Choury says, “the awakening process requires letting go and takes time but well worth it!”.  My spiritual journey certainly has been a process of discovery and I have experienced several awakening experiences which have certainly taken time and letting go.  What I do know is that it has has all been worth it and as I continue on this journey of awakening, I have learned that nourishing the Self plays a big role.

What pray tell is nourishment and what is nourishing to my Spirit, to me as the whole BEing and how can I provide this nourishment to myself, thus to others on a consistent basis?  These key questions guide me on my quest of self-fulfillment and self-love.  Many of my teachers in this life have expressed this vital element of nourishment in a variety of language and methods.  For example, as a Raja yoga practice, I was taught that nourishment takes the form of self-remembering that I AM a peaceful soul, my true essence is Eternal, Immortal, Light.  Cass Phelps of Awake One shares that nourishment comes in the form of discovering one’s gifts, receiving those gifts and then sharing them with our world.  As a student and teacher of Reiki I have learned that nourishment is received as embracing the Reiki principles:

The secret art of inviting happiness
The miraculous medicine of all diseases
Just for today, do not anger
Do not worry and be filled with gratitude
Devote yourself to your work. Be kind to people.
Every morning and evening, join your hands in prayer.
Pray these words to your heart
and chant these words with your mouth
Usui Reiki Treatment for the improvement of body and mind
The founder , Usui Mikao

And, so as I continue on in awakening and nourishing, I have opened my personal journey up in offering my gifts and inquiry through my art and teaching.  In 2012 when I was making my career transition and launching my professional art career and new website, naturally the tag line was, “Art to Awaken Your Heart, Nourish Your Spirit“. This came through very organically for me as I was “brainstorming” this and creating my new material.  Two years later, I am happy to offer classes and workshops with this theme and focus.  It is a very rich topic for me, one which I explore daily through my art making and creative living as an artist and educator.  I am pleased to announce my public workshop event on June 8 at the Temple of Light in Southern California where we will explore this topic together through painting and community.Lorien Eck flyer image PR-June 8

On May 3 at the Temple of Light, I will be giving a brief talk called “Awaken Your Heart, Nourish Your Spirit“, at the monthly Holistic Health Fair in the Crystal Cave 1:50 – 2:20 pm.  I also have a booth at the fair where I will be available to chat and am offering my fine art gift items and original paintings.  I am also happy to offer a promotional price, even below the Early Bird Special for those register for this workshop event with me at this event!  Looking forward to seeing you there!

Hollistic Healing Flyer new printable

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

In love, gratitude and beauty…


Personally Experienced and Recommended Resources

Temple of Light

An amazing and unique center offering a host of services to spiritual seekers and holistic healers in South Orange County, CA.

Quantum Meditation and Transformation

Choury DeVelle Bsc, CHt., NLP is a great life coach, healer and practitioner of his craft.


Cass Phelps is an amazing individual and his inspired body of work and offerings have been a phenomenal resource for me! His work is comprehensive, relevant and rich…I am eternally indebted to my teacher Cass.

The Power Path

The monthly forecast from these amazing folks is an invaluable tool.


Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use.

Raja Yoga

Raja Yoga meditation redefines the self as a soul and enables a direct connection and relationship with the Supreme Source of purest energy and highest consciousness.


The divine is not something high above us.
It is in heaven, it is in earth, it is inside us.~  Morihei Ueshiba



“Fashion is a force to be reckoned with. It celebrates, provokes, and entertains. And, from April 24th 2014, it’s going to do even more. Because we’re turning fashion into a force for good.

On 24th April last year, 1133 people were killed and over 2500 were injured when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Social and environmental catastrophes in our fashion supply chains continue.  Fashion Revolution Day says enough is enough.”

I have been a fashion lover from a very young age.  I love fashion, textiles, color and style, always have always will.  I also am an Earth lover, a self-proclaimed nature freak and lifelong vegetarian.  Therefore, what I value, both the Earth and beauty through fashion converge in Eco fashion and sustainability in fashion, from what I wear to what I create as an artist/designer.  In one of my previous blog posts, My Manifesta ~ Part I, I muse about my desire to live more minimally, my quest to re-forest my lifestyle through examining what I already have and to commit to lowering my overall consumerism.  I took an inventory of what clothes I do have, where it was made, the manufacturer and the fabric.  I was not proud nor surprised to say the least.  In response,  I made some choices and I have maintained my commitment to cease buying clothes for the time being, and when I do, they will be sustainable fashion either created by me or by an eco fashion designer.  This feels really good.


Did you know that fashion uses more water than any industry other than agriculture. At least 8,000 chemicals are used to turn raw materials into textiles. Americans throw away 68 pounds of clothes on average each year, and we only buy 10 pounds of recycled clothes annually.

Clothing that ends up in landfills takes a very long time to decompose — about 6 months for a cotton sock, one year for a wool cap, 40-50 years for a leather belt and 50-80 years for a rubber boot.  According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, 11.8 million tons of cloth, textiles and shoes are discarded in the United States each year, ending up in landfills or being incinerated.  It’s a very serious issue.

And so, I found that like anything in life having to do with change and transformation, awareness is the first step. After the awakening process, then actions can take place and conscious choices can be made.  For me, it’s been practical to learn about what I already have, continue to wear it guilt free, but also to stop giving my money or buying into what I no longer value.  How we spend our money/resources is a tremendous power we have.  It’s a start and the journey is a lifelong one.

On Thursday, April 24, there is a global movement happening in honor of the one-year anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh with the collapse of the building, and the ever-growing death toll, many articles appeared urging consumers to support ethical fashion as a way to improve working conditions throughout the supply chain.

And, on 24th April each year, Fashion Revolution Day will bring everyone in the fashion value chain together and help to raise awareness of the true cost of fashion, show the world that change is possible, and celebrate all those involved in creating a more sustainable future.  What can we do?

Get involved

The first Fashion Revolution Day is based around the theme ‘Who Made Your Clothes?’

We have lost the connection with the clothes that we wear, so we thought it was important to make this first day about transparency and reconnecting the relationships in the fashion value chain. What is the connection to someone else through your clothes? The farmers do not know where their cotton goes; the producers no longer make entire garments, they are just line workers; and the end consumer rarely knows where their clothes were made.

8_FRD_actions_-01Be Curious

We need to become more curious about how our clothes are made and who made them. 

  • Look at the labels on your clothes. Where is it from? Who made it?

8_FRD_actions_-02Find out

Get in contact with brands and ask them ‘Who Made Your Clothes‘, to discover the real people throughout the supply chain. 

  • Send the brand a photo/video of your garment on Facebook/Twitter and ask Who Made Your Clothes? Let us know by tagging it with #InsideOut and @Fash_Rev
  • Use the Fashion Revolution Day Trump Card Game to find out how ethical your garments are. Then play the game with your friends!
  • Check out our Further Reading list for more information on ethical fashion
  • Play the Fashion Revolution Day Quiz to test your knowledge!

8_FRD_actions_-03Do Something

We want hundreds of thousands of people to take part! Together we can use the power of fashion to catalyse change and reconnect the broken links in the supply chain. In order to raise awareness within the fashion industry and beyond, we want to encourage them to continue to try and make things better. 

  • Stay up-to-date with local news and events through your country page and social media
  • Get in touch with your Country Coordinator about holding your own event for Fashion Revolution Day!
  • On Fashion Revolution Day 24 April, please Tweet: Today I’m wearing my (shirt/dress/T-shirt etc.) #InsideOut because I want to ask @(brand/retailer) Who Made Your Clothes?
  • Tell your friends, family and colleagues about Fashion Revolution Day and get them to wear something inside out

Wear it #insideout

Together we can use the power of fashion to catalyse change and reconnect the broken links in the supply chain. Wear your clothes inside-out to help start the beginning of an industry-wide transformation towards a more sustainable future.

Show us your inside out clothes on Instagram by tagging it @Fash_Rev and #InsideOut


Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

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When I was a  young girl in elementary school, my sister and I used to take the bus to school.  We took the bus to round-trip to school and more than one time, we experienced being bullied by a couple of the neighborhood boys.  I am four years older than my sister, I was her protector.  I felt scared and vulnerable and yet I had to be strong for my little sister.  The bullying that we experienced was traumatic for me and I have very vivid memories and feelings from those days.  I also remember some of my classmates in elementary school being teased, bullied and ostracized for being “different” in any way.  I wonder how those classmates from the past are doing now?small-bullying-blu

These days, bullying has escalated to a whole new level of threats, danger and intensity.  Teaching in the public school systems in rural New York and inner city Los Angeles for 14 years total, I saw first hand what it can be like for our youths and the peer to peer bullying these days.  I did my best to protect and be an ally for all of my students.  Recently I watched a documentary called “Bully” made in 2011.  The opening scene was devastating for me, the whole film was actually.  Thank God for these parents, educators and educational leaders who are taking a stand for kids being bullied.  And, thank God for the courage for the bullied kids to be willing to report to the adults what’s happening.

What can we do?  At the very least, we can raise awareness, talk about it and be advocates for our children, ALL children, so that we can decrease the bullying going on and keep our children safe and protected.  There is much that we can do as both childless caring adults and parents to educate our kids about the effects of bullying and what can be done to prevent it.  It’s a complicated and a wide-spread issue in our schools, across the internet and at times out in the community where kids hang out.

effects of bullying

One thing we can do is to become educated, watch “Bully”, speak out and give voice to this issue and support the kids who we are in contact with about bullying, openly. Let’s be a safe haven for them.  Some proactive actions we can take to take on the issue of bullying, are organizing town hall meetings, giving classes, and creating anti-bullying events in your community.

If you are in the Laguna Beach area, this week we are hosting this event at the gallery where I am a showing artist.  Please come out and bring your kids to participate in this event!

Paint Workshop for the Kids

Let them express their thoughts on bullying through art.

On Thursday, April 24th, 3p-7p at the Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art

611 S Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(949) 715-9604


Recommended Resources

Living Values Educational Program

Educators involved in Living Values Education in more than 60 countries, welcome you to the website of the Association for Living Values Education International (ALIVE). We invite you to join us in this global endeavor to help students explore and develop positive values and move toward their potential. We hope you will join us in creating caring, respectful environments where students feel safe, want to learn, and live their values. The Living Values Education Program is effective in decreasing violence and bullying, and in creating safe, caring school climates which are conducive to quality learning.


 A documentary on peer-to-peer bullying in schools across America.

The Bully Project

The BULLY Project, the social action campaign inspired by the documentary film BULLY.

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Soul Cosmology

IMG_3652“Lórien” ~ Soul Cosmology Painting

In October 2012 I was inspired to combine my passion for painting with my other gifts.  I felt excited to see where this spark would take me and my artwork.   I began to experiment with a few of my friends and really enjoyed the results and shared their Soul Cosmology painting with them.  They really enjoyed the experience too!  Here’s what my friend Choury shared with me:

“I am delighted with my beautiful Soul Cosmology Painting by Lórien Eck. It’s hard to categorize this kind of art because Lórien actually interprets her subject’s energy with a kind of ‘Artistic Alchemy’ that goes beyond being beautiful. It’s peaceful and healing and energizes my room. It simply makes me feel good every time I look at it. I couldn’t be more pleased – Thank you Lórien!”
~ Choury DeVelle Bsc, CHt., NLP Quantum Meditation and Transformation

IMG_3651“Choury” ~ Soul Cosmology Painting

A soul’s essence cannot be contained in a word, or even a phrase. And so, using my spiritual insight and artistry, I interpret your unique soul qualities/gifts and express them through light, color, texture – from Spirit to matter.

Cindy“Cindy” ~ Soul Cosmology Painting

Soul Cosmology Painting is a one-of-a-kind painting that reflects your Soul’s unique beauty, essence and light.
Your Soul Cosmology is your essence of being or Spirit translated into a fine art painting- Matter-it is a potent reflection of you. It is a mirror and reminder of your bright inner light and Eternal beauty. As you engage with your painting, you awaken and are nourished. You begin to recognize “you” again, and open up to receive those most precious aspects of yourself: your true essence, harmony, beauty, personal power, strength, balance, and peace.Imagine commissioning a Soul Cosmology Painting to…

• Reflect and remind you of your Inner Beauty and Light

• Enhance feelings of inner peace, self-healing, self-empowerment and well-being

• Strengthen a deeper appreciation for your own wisdom, sovereignty and bliss

• Illuminate a more profound recognition of your unique genius and gifts, and of the light that is YOU!

• Validate a more grounded connection to your daily experience of Cosmic Consciousness or Oneness

• Beautify a space with art that translates the language of your Soul

IMG_3649“Kat” ~ Soul Cosmology Painting

IMG_3673“Lori” ~ Soul Cosmology Painting

All Soul Cosmology Paintings are fine art originals.  I create them with mixed media pigments, fairy dust, natural dyes and/or earth sourced minerals/crystals.

Soul Cosmology Paintings are created using 100% sustainable, raw materials from the earth for personal and global health. Your Soul Cosmology Painting can be created for your home/work space or to wear on your body as a shawl, wrap or sarong.

There are two sustainable and cruelty-free eco textile options to choose from. These options will be discussed, custom designed and handcrafted to meet your requirements/desires for home/workspace or the body.

I am so happy to be able to bring through and offer this gift.   Please contact me directly to inquire about your Soul Cosmology Painting.  I would love to paint your beautiful Soul for you to admire… xo

IMG_3666“Cynthia” ~ Soul Cosmology Painting

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flyer:windowLang Fine Art Laguna Beach, ©LE Art & Design (photo)

One thing I know for sure is that I am cosmic, made of the stuff of stars.  I began creating paintings  in my Santa Monica art studio in the fall of 2010 that depicted images of the cosmos.  I didn’t question why I was painting these images or even have a cognitive motive to paint the skies, the heavens, the starry galaxies.  I was simply following my creative impulse and following my bliss.  I began to engage more and more with the imagery from the various NASA space telescopes and paint abstract, textured and sparkly paintings on paper mostly, and enjoyed the process so very much.

stuff starsIn the summer of 2011, I began to receive lots of encouragement to show and share my artwork in our world.  At the time I was teaching art full-time in the public school system and was beginning to moonlight as a professional artist.  I gradually began to show my work at more and more art galleries in the Southern California region, as well as continue to paint and fall in love with our cosmos.  In late 2012, I began to engage more deeply with the available knowledge about how super connected we are to our cosmos, how it is in our very DNA, as well as engage with a variety of teachers, leaders and authors of books about the star nations and multi-verses that exist.

Cosmic XIICosmic XII ©LE Art & Design

This content and focus of my work is more exciting as ever with new documentaries coming out all of the time and mainstream television shows being produced, like Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, the sequel series to Cosmos: A Personal Voyage presented by Carl Sagan in 1980.  I just discovered this new 2 hour video called Earth from Space produced by NOVA, that reveals a spectacular new space-based vision of our planet!  There are many programs found online and via youtube, like this one that I really enjoy from NOVA in 2004, the Origins series.  I believe that we are just scratching the surface about what “we know”, however, I love how art imitates life in so many mediums!

Orca NebulaOrca Nebula ©LE Art & Design

I feel lucky to be able to this very day, show my work throughout Southern and Northern California since 2011 and have enjoyed such a wonderful time the past 6 weeks sharing many of my original cosmos and earthscape inspired paintings in Laguna Beach at Lang Fine Art.  This show is open for 1 more glorious week, up through March 30, 2014.

Lang Fine Art
1450 South Coast Highway,
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(in the Art Center, across from the Surf and Sand Hotel)

Borealis II 30x22 Mixed Media on PaperBorealis II ©LE Art & Design

I also have an ongoing showing of several of my larger original cosmos-inspired paintings at:

Irvine, CA
Temple of Light
Spiritual Community

11 Goddard
Irvine, CA 92618
(949) 333-1641

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Water III NewWater III” – 2′ x 3′ – Mixed media on canvas ©LE Art & Design

“On  World Water Day, March 22, 2014, the International Council of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers will be leading a women’s WATER BLESSING CEREMONY from the sacred Montezuma Well.” #inthenameofthemother

In the Winter 2013, I began my deep personal journey with my element of water.  Water as a holistic experience, body, mind, spirit and specifically emotions.  I created and was offered a full-blown opportunity to dive into my own repressed and unexpressed emotions, most possibly grieving lifetimes of sorrow and loss.  No matter how long this soul had been containing this unexpressed water, the floodgates were unleashed and I let it flow… for months.  (Note: this is a very abbreviated version of a deep and broad experience for me.)

Lórien’s Water Inspiration

One full cycle of the seasonal year has progressed, my intimate, cathartic relationship with my water has grown and evolved me as an Soul and artist.  My journey with the waters took me through the winter, spring, summer, and through to the latest winter season.  In order to navigate these waters, my daily practices ranged from journaling, letting the tears flow, walking by the seaside, swimming in the oceans, appreciating the rivers and oceans and in creating my five paintings in my Water series.

Water IWater I 2.5′ x 4′ – Mixed media on canvas ©LE Art & Design

Today, March 22, 2014 is  World Water Day.  Although the day may be officially over, it does need be.  We can honor the water with the intentions as stated in the Prayer for the Healing of the Waters.  We m,ay continue to stand in a moment of thought and prayers for our sacred waters #INTHENAMEOFTHEMOTHER

Water IV“Water IV” – 4′ x 5′ – Mixed media on canvas

We can also honor our own water by drinking plenty of pure, spring water, taking lots of baths, swimming in clean oceans and rivers, feeling our feelings and honoring and accepting what ever we feel, without judgment, e-moting through artistic expression, and more.  Be creative, be loving and surrender to the healing element of water within and without.  Many blessings on swimming through your deep blue waters… xo

Water IIWater II 2.5′ x 4′ – Mixed media on canvas ©LE Art & Design

Water VWater V” – Diptych 3′ x 3′ and 3′ x 3′ – Mixed media on canvas

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darkskiesDark/Light Sky ©LE Art & Design

“You have the opportunity to drink in this energy of Balance and allow it to transform the very atoms at the core of your being.”  ~Archangel Michael via Shanta Gabriel

Happy 1st Equinox of 2014!  This day is significant in that there is an equal measure of lightness and darkness (or shadow) in our Earth and Sun dance.  This “outer” balance of dark/light reflects our own delicate balance of our inner light and inner darkness.  And, in the northern hemisphere, the light is getting brighter and stronger day by day… building towards our Solstice in June.

How can we work consciously with these outer energies in a way that is favorable for us?  For me, doing some sort of ritual to honor the light/dark balance in a simple way is my charge today.  Lighting a candle on my alter in the morning with prayers and meditation and later in the dark of the evening, I will create a simple ceremony again with fire as the central element.  For more ideas on rituals and ceremonies, check out Mystic Mamma’s ideas.  (scroll down on that page to Rituals)

harlesdon_flowersHarlesden Spring ©LE Art & Design

The power of clear intentions is a sure way to move forward and harness these cosmic energies. We are also in the “new year” in the astrological world, moving from Pisces, the 12th sign of the cycle into Aries, the powerful first fire sign.  So, to my many astrologer/y friends and Persian friends, “Happy New Year!”  To quote one of my favorite online resources for charting the annual cycles as well as wisdom of the “Mamma”:  “This symbolic point of balance has been celebrated by our ancestors since the beginning of time. In cultures across our planet this period marks an initiation and symbolic integration of the forces of light and dark.

For more insights on the meaning and significance of this transition time/space, see this link and many many Bright Blessings in this new season!

Ciel:Mer XVCiel/Mer XV ©LE Fine Art

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Green Is Queen!

IMG_0638Succulents in Bloom ©LE Art & Design

I love the color green!  Why?  Green represents so much!  Green represents growth, the earth, fertility, growing grass and leaves, green emeralds, and the stone of jade.  Green is also the color representing the heart chakra.. Ahhhhh  Green is also associated now with the “green” movement, the greening of the earth and all that is “eco conscious”.

Today is St.Patrick’s day.  I celebrated by wearing an awesome bright green scarf and celebrating by spending time with my healing art! Here’s my “selfie” from Lang Fine Art in Laguna Beach with “Ciel/Mer XIV” ( 22″ x 30″ – Mixed media on paper).IMG_0630Selfie on Green Day ©LE Art & Design

I also spent some time walking along the pacific coast near the sea and window shopping, what fun!  Our last stop was a special visit to another one of my “happy places“, a gorgeous nursery where we saw those beautiful succulents and lots of beautiful garden toys, statues, plants, herbs, botanical trees and lots of amazing living things!

IMG_0632Fuzzy One ©LE Art & Design

And, let’s remember our beloved green drinks and smoothies!  My favorite green juice is a combo of organic kale, parsley, celery, cucumber, ginger and a little cilantro!

IMG_5992Fresh green juice-art studio breaktime ©LE Art & Design

What a wonderful day of beauty, fine art, the sea, plants galore and even The Green Man!

IMG_0633The Green Man ©LE Art & Design

“May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light, May good luck pursue you each morning and night.” ~Irish blessing

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cheryl pelavin gallery (e)gender project Lórien Eck_webMy poster for (en)Gendered (in)Equity or “Gallery Tally”

“Shiva and Shakti, Twin Flames” by recubejim, used under CC BY – Text added to original, 24X36 inches ©LE Art & Design

I am a Soul first, in a female body second.  I am an artist.  I am a female artist.  Did you know that even today, that the statistics of commercial gallery representation is imbalanced?  It’s about 71% male and 29% female in commercial galleries nationwide.  Wow!  Really?  As a working professional artist, I personally represent myself, show in galleries that invite me as well as other “non” art gallery alternative spaces.

poster gallery picPoster maker and Poster at For Your Art Gallery

The more I learn about the gender equity facts in the art world, and consequently, across the board in relation to the existing art world and the world at large, the more I feel inspired to share this data simply to raise awareness.   This is not the ’70’s, this is 2014 and we in the Western world are seeing inequality in so many areas.  Here is an fabulous website that I enjoy getting real with.  Feminist Magazine.  A few fun facts from this website:

Source: Guerrilla Girls

  • The number of professionally trained artists and art historians in the U.S. – Males 52%, Females 48%
  • Percentage of artists at major institutions:
  • National Gallery of Art — 98% male, 99.9% white
  • National Portrait Gallery — 93% male, 99% white
  • Hirshhorn Museum – modern and contemporary art — 95% male, 94% white
  • Exhibition opportunities: Juried (artists unknown to juror) – Males 52%, Females 48%
  • Exhibitions opportunities: Invited (artists known to juror) – Males 80%, Females 20%
  • Gender distribution of visual artists in art texts – Males 90%, Females 10%
  • Of the over 100 Tonys awarded since 1947 for theater direction, only 2-5% have been to women Directors; only 2-6% to African American Directors.

So, what am I doing about this, what’s in my hands?  I am still making my art, still showing art and have joined a grass roots collaborative project to raise awareness about the gender ration called (en)Gendered (in)Equity or “Gallery Tally”.  It is a crowd-sourced, social engagement art project in which over 500 artists from around the world have joined the effort to collect and visualize statistical data regarding ratios of male and female artists in contemporary art galleries.  My project poster is shown above.   Here is the article in Artillary Magazine that got my attention about this vital project.

Micol Hebron_Super Inequality

Micol Hebron, Photo by Safi Alia Shabaik, 2013

For this inspired poster project, I chose the New York City commercial gallery Cheryl Pelavin because I appreciate her gender values and the history of her gallery is unique.  Check it out!


My poster along with 250 others are a part of Los Angeles-based artist Micol Hebron’s collaborative poster project and will be on display in  LA at ForYourArt, the show is called: (en)Gendered (in)Equity: The Gallery Tally Poster Project.  Timed to open during Women’s History Month, the exhibition will feature over 250 posters, each created by a different artist, representing the gender ratios at Los Angeles and New York art galleries.

Having started in Los Angeles, the project is now in its second phase, focusing on galleries in New York. Subsequent visualizations will include Berlin, London, Chicago, Santa Fe, Portland, Pittsburg, San Francisco and other cities.  To see the posters, gallerytally.tumblr.com. 

Here’s the Facebook Invite: All are welcome!

(en)Gendered (in)Equity: The Gallery Tally Poster Project

ForYourArt at 6020 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles

March 29­–April 25
Opening: Saturday, March 29 – 6 to 9pm
Discussion: 6:30pm

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My Manifesta ~Part 1

treeRooted Tree Branching Up ©LE Fine Art (photo) 2013

Happy February~ Happy V~Day!

Today I begin to slowly take on my personal “manifesta”.  It is in part inspired by the Mercury Retro Cycle, February 2014, as well as the turn of our annual cycle, and more I am sure!

And, while I am applying this astro cycle’s principles to my practice, (take any word and add the prefix RE) i.e. review, redo, remember, re, re, re…. this whole lifestyle re-vamp started to kick in consciously for me after the turn of the year, Jan. 2014 when I was camping in the jungle off the grid for 1 month…… :)  It wasn’t about quantity of time, but the quality~ time spent in reflection, and in forgiveness; a time of  healing the heart, the mind and the Spirit in nature.  It was a very cathartic transition time for me and now that I am back in my so-called “normal” existence (NOT!), I am in the sensitive integration leg of the journey.  This stage takes time, care, attention, love, patience, understanding… because the reality is that my life has changed, I have changed.

What exactly is my Manifesta?  It is one way that I am integrating and responding to my inner-world changes and how to interface with the outer world.  The overarching themes  are very “RE” oriented.  Reduce, reuse, recycle, reinvent… basically, less consumption and more creativity with what I already have.

Here’s #1 of my Manifesta:

1. Re-view aspects of lifestyle.
a. What I wear on my body.
-where it was made (country)
-what it is made from (textile)
-brand (that’s a whole other story!)

This is a big one for me.  Even to the point of my life’s passion/calling.  From an early early age, I have been obsessed with my clothing, with textiles and with putting outfits together!  I even won an award in high school for what else, “Clothing”.  Yes! So this topic runs deep!

So, one of my recent activities has been (without judgment) to examine at every piece of clothing I have and assess the following: textile, country of manufacture, and company of manufacture.  I am keeping a record and the stats are not that startling, yet conclusive to the fact that I am making HUGE changes.  1st choice that I have made is to cease buying any new clothing items. Period.  One could call this practice simplifying, yet it is and so much more.  It’s also what I like to call the “RE-forestation” of  a lifestyle that has lived in an urban region for some time.

My Manifesta envelopes all aspects of my life, from what I value, to how I spend my valuable time, my relationships, my living and “work” environment, and of course, my stuff.  We all have our stuff and even  after a home relocation in 2012, when I donated much of my stuff, there is still more!  The stuff I am referring to now, fits into the childhood, sentimental category.  And, at the end of the day, it is still stuff.  And, so the process of elimination goes on.  All is being put through this ‘RE’ process, the RE-zoning and RE-inventing myself in an ever-changing world stage.  One thing I have come to learn is that when the feeling of overwhelm settles in, that’s the sign to eliminate and to simplify, to let go as easily and gracefully as possible whatever is there and to create clean, fresh space.

My Manifesta is an ongoing process and contains many layers.  It is a slow, step-by-step, year-long project and focus that I know will yield results and allow me to manifest my dreams.

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

In love, gratitude and beauty…


Personally Experienced and Recommended Resources

Mystic Mamma

This is a great resource for astro wisdom, cosmic consciousness and mamma-ness.  This link is especially illuminating in terms of

Mercury retrograde, February 6-28, 2014

The Power Path

The monthly forecast from these amazing folks is an invaluable tool.

Slow Fashioned Blog

Fabulous resource for the curious, courageous and committed co-creative consumer!  I challenge you to take the Pledge!

One Dress Protest

One woman’s inspiration, in her words, “to figure myself out in the complex and oftentimes disconcerting world of clothes

and outward appearance.”  Excellent inspiration for me!



pathThe Path to the Great Unknown ©LE Fine Art (photo)

“The past has no power over the present moment.” ~Eckhart Tolle

Aloha fellow travelers!

Happy New Year greetings from the magical and mystical island of Kauai!  What amazing and expansive times we are in!  I am personally experiencing a time of great change and gracefully releasing what no longer serves my highest good.  Ahhhhhh.  This month, much like December, is a period of transition for many, and I am certainly feeling this.  Why is January still feel like a transition month?  Well, from what I know, the Dec. 31/Jan 1 shift is just one of many larger cyclical passages that occurs and effects us energetically.  The others are the Chinese New Year, this year occurring on January 31 (always coinciding with the new moon), the astrological new year with Aries (first sign of the zodiac) and of course, our friend the groundhog who pops up on Feb. 2, often signalling a new season.  So, with all of those factors in the field, it’s no wonder the vibes are feeling like they do!

Navigating the course moving from the Chinese year of the water serpent to the soon to be wooden horse has proven to be a time of great growth, detachment, adjustments, preparations and education on all levels.  I have re-dedicated myself to my daily yoga practice and embarked on a deep cleanse and all level detox sourcing many of the fruits of the sacred land that I am living on, (fresh Noni, aloe, parsley, coconut water, to name a few) and letting go even more through my long exhales…

I read something recently from the Power Path by Lena Stevens, where she talks about being prepared, getting ready, set, to GO in the coming months of this year.  Here’s an excerpt from her January forecast: “The question is, “What are you preparing for?” This is an unknown as to how the future will manifest, but the preparation is always for something new and better to come into our lives, a new paradigm, a new perception, a new frequency. We do not yet know how it will manifest, but if we are encumbered by all of our excess baggage (physical, emotional and psychological) we will certainly not be able to take advantage of it.”  Oh yeah love that!

Yep!  This is what I am experiencing full on and feel that what I can do at the very least, is to prepare my body/mind temple, my emotional and my Spiritual bodies for what it is I am here to do and what lies ahead.  Starting here with baby steps and moving into what I can change/create in terms of nourishment, in thoughts, emotions, beliefs, relationships and especially letting go of what no longer serves is my focus at this time.

What to prepare for?  One thing I know for sure, this Chinese year of the wooden horse holds lots of promise of dreams fulfilled from following my bliss step by step and through patiently watching the mystery unfold.   From astrologer Carol Barbeau: “Horse magic is always about traveling free and following your path: Horses are to me about Travel, Power, Freedom.”  How exciting indeed!  I look forward to sharing more of the adventure and magic as 2014 rolls on!

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

In love, gratitude and beauty…


Personally Experienced and Recommended Resources

The Power Path

The monthly forecast from these amazing folks is an invaluable tool.

Carol Babeau Illuminations

Her weekly and monthly forecasts are fun, inspired and always insightful!


“Hope is a waking dream.” ~ Aristotle


Why is Art Healing?

Water IVWater IV 48 inches X 60 inches Mixed Media on Canvas ©LE Fine Art

My relationship to art and healing is complex and textured with many personal stories close to home as well as those from my professional career.  In my experience, my spiritual evolution is in direct relation to my artistic process.  My self-expression has morphed in its form, yet the reliable resource has consistently been a source of resiliency, growth and ascension to this day.  My artistic process has served me as an outlet moving me from hope to despair and back to hope again throughout my life.  And, my art “products” have served as a living document reflecting my upward spiral.

My exposure to the arts began from birth really, as my father is an active fine artist thus I grew up in a household that supported and fostered both art making and an appreciation for the arts.  I was immersed in a creative atmosphere and was given active permission to “play” in the arts.  My sister was an avid artist and it was through her creating of art that she was able to cope with the pain and suffering that she endured through a terminal illness with grace and ease.  Her fragile life is a strong testimony to the healing and liberating power that art carries.  Art continues to be a central resource to my family’s healing, grieving and transformation from a tragic loss.

As an arts educator for over 14 years, I personally witnessed a multitude of what I call “transitions in consciousness” within the thousands of students that I was able to reach.  My art classroom provided a safe container for their artistic expression to flourish and heal/relieve the suffering from loss, disease, grief, poverty, social injustice and other life threatening situations that many of them faced.  Time and again, it was self-evident that creative expression through the arts provides solace, an inward refuge and for many hope through a shift in awareness and perception.

Overall, art is a potent path of healing both as a practice and a profession for me.  Art, creativity and healing are to me synonymous.  Art is the glue of the Universe and provides a nourishing space for the Soul to rest and take refuge.  More than ever, art and the artistic process serve as the means for the evolution of human consciousness and planetary healing.



Kalani floralsKalani Wedding Flowers ©LE Fine Art (photo)

“If there were a little more silence, if we all kept quiet…maybe we could understand something.”

  ~Federico Fellini

The month of October was a very special month for me.  After a solid commitment and about 4 months of careful preparation, that included a renewed daily yoga practice, more silence and lots of focused inner work, I felt ready for my retreat at Kalani with one of my teachers’ Cass.  The title of our retreat was Path of Love and its focus was LOVE.  Love as a practice, love for the journey itself, love through all of the spirals, curves, twists, turns and for the SELF.  The retreat center itself was on the Big Island of Hawaii, where Pele the goddess of fire and passion resides.  Kalani retreat center is a beautiful backdrop and sacred container for any retreat, gorgeous jungle, clean air and away from civilization.  Truly a ‘bubble’ enclosing a tropical paradise serving as a crucible for many a phoenix rising.

Our retreat encompassed diving into breath work, movement, art-making, dancing, bio aquatic time in the Watsu pool, silence, sharing and  lots and lots of PLAY in the quantum field of LOVE.  During our 5-day “intensive” together, we honored a day of silence.  This intentional silence time/space truly provided me with my nourishment and the integration that is essential after so much deep unwinding and unraveling…. Yum!  I enjoyed that silence time so much that after retreat concluded, I spent more time in silence during my extended stay at Kalani.  I experienced pure pleasure as I steeped in my own medicinal brew of heightened  SELF awareness, synchronicities and surprises.

Silence has also been a core theme of my long time Raja yoga meditation practice started up in 2001.  So, this was nothing “new” to me, but is so so so integral to propelling my creative evolution forward at this juncture.  What this silence provides for me now is the critical “stitching up” and full embodiment of what emerges and is dis-cover-ed through such a retreat, or any created space for personal growth.  So, as each day rolls out, my beat goes on of weaving the tapestry of my gifts to offer up to our world in a form that is visible, vibrant and juicy…

Thank you for reading and I invite you to write your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

In love, gratitude and beauty…


Personally Experienced and Recommended Resources


Cass Phelps is an amazing individual and his inspired body of work and offerings have been a phenomenal resource for me! His work is comprehensive, relevant and rich…I am eternally grateful to one of my lifetime teachers, Cass.

Kalani Retreat Center

         Kalani is Hawaii’s largest retreat center, one of the best-loved centers  in the world for more than 35 years.

The Torus

The involuting of the Self into itSelf.


“When you become aware of silence, immediately there is that state of inner still alertness. You are present. You have stepped out of thousands of years of collective human conditioning.”

-Eckhart Tolle


ImagePacific waters filled with the light of the sun…

Summer solstice June 21, 2013 is around the corner.  Are you ready?   What is the significance of the Summer solstice?  To quote,  “Sol + stice derives from a combination of Latin words meaning “sun” + “to stand still.  As the days lengthen, the sun rises higher and higher until it seems to stand still in the sky. As a major celestial event, the Summer Solstice results in the longest day and the shortest night of the year.”  And, the Druids’ celebration of the day as the “wedding of Heaven and Earth”, resulting in the present day belief of a “lucky” wedding in June.  (Source- http://www.chiff.com/a/summer-solstice.htm)

Isn’t that fascinating?  I always feel excited when the solstice is near.  I feel like there is so much to be grateful for, to look forward to and to celebrate in life!  We are lovers of life, yes?  Waking up each day, facing the mystery that each moment and in turn each series of moments making up a day, a week, months, and so on….  it’s a wonder!

I am simply writing today to share my joy, inspiration and love for and of life, the light, the beauty, and the shadows (helps me appreciate and seek out beauty even more!).  On this summer solstice, (in the Northern hemisphere) when the sunlight shines the longest, may it inspire you and light your way.  (Fun fact: Iqaluit, the capital of Nunavut in Canada, will see a whopping 20 hours and 49 minutes of daylight on June 21!)

I look forward to your comments and questions … would love to hear from you via this blog, FB, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

In love, gratitude and beauty…


Recommended Resources


Cass Phelps is an amazing individual and his inspired body of work and offerings have been a

phenomenal resource for me! His work is comprehensive, relevant and rich…

“Now is the time to see the sunlight dancing as one with the shadows.”



What InSpires You?

Blue PearlBlue Pearl 9X12 inches Mixed Media on Paper

What nourishes you from your inspiration?
What ever nourishes and inspires you fully can be the starting point for Living your Life from the effortless Flow of Being, from the Inside out.
~Cass Phelps

Did you know that if you follow what inspires you, you will become more of you essentially are, your authentic self, stripped down to the core to your eternal being?  I love this!  Yes!  What if your daily practice was to simply follow your inspiration?  Similar to following your bliss, look inside and outside to  what inspires you, take a breath inhale and exhale deeply, inhaling spirit, in-spir-ation…  Observe what in-spirits you, gives you energy, makes your heart sing with joy, gives you goose bumps, gets you excited, discover and follow that.  Touch it and follow it like a butterfly….

Experiment with this focus and see where your inspirations lead you and what expressions, creations and visions emerge out of this process.  Trust your inspirations and take note, mark your musings and new awareness throughout~ whether in writing, sound, video, photos, drawings, or all, it’s your choice.  The exciting bit is that you will discover magic and brilliance within and without… You’ll feel satisfied, experience more causeless joy and pleasure!  And, our world will benefit through the sharing of your inspirations through your new manifestations in the material realm!  Play with this and see where the bread crumbs take you…  I wish you all love, light and blessings on your quest and path of exploration!

I look forward to your comments and questions … would love to hear from you via this blog, FB, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

In love, gratitude, and beauty,


Recommended Resources


Cass Phelps is an amazing individual and his inspired body of work and offerings have been a

phenomenal resource for me! His work is comprehensive and rich…

“You Have The Energy Of The Sun In You.”

“Inspiration is always a surprising visitor.”
~ John O’Donohue, Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom



Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas Mixed media original on paper 9×12 ins  ©LE Art & Design

“Flow with whatever is happening and let your mind be free. Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate.” ~ Chuang Tzu

Wonderful warm April greetings to you!  The big theme right now in my life, what is inspiring me, and where I am being drawn into is all about what is known as “the flow“.  The flow of life, the flow of love, the flow of the dynamic present moment…  It’s easy for us to think of the “now” as a static moment, however, as a wise friend recently reminded me, the present moment is one of our paradoxes!  The “now” is an ever-changing, fluid, dynamic awareness… in other words, the flow.  Feeling into the flow, the present moment and dropping down into that golden, quiet, still place within where eventually time, space and form dissolve is where the nectar resides.  This very personal  practice has enveloped my daily life and for this I am grateful, truly humbled…  It’s a deep sea dive into the lushness of Self.

And, so my days now look a little bit like this:  The day opens with the first moments of awakened consciousness, taking in some deep breaths, I relish and nourish in this still, silent, fertile place within…tapping in, diving deep into my inner world whilst still lying in bed.  As the flow moves me, I move my body slowly from the bed into the various morning rituals in a pace that feels good…. Each activity throughout my day seems to lead to the next with a new sense of grace, joy, ease and gentleness that I am finding to be most comfy and ssllloooowww.  It’s wonderful!

I am really loving my pace of slow in the flow and if you have noticed, there is a “slow movement” in effect from slow food, to slow money, to slow sex, it seems “slow” is what’s trending now in American culture!  Hopefully, it’s not just a passing fad or a fleeting counterpoint to our “fast food nation” so to speak, that has been the norm of US culture and exports for decades now.  My hope is that slow merges and slows down everything and everyone on a grand scale, breath by breath, thought by thought, action by action, person by person, day by day…  One of my teachers told me all that I must do is breathe, simply be breathed, that’s it.  All of the rest will take care of itself.  And, then another one of my teachers echoed the same, live each moment breath by breath.  Hmmmm I think that I am finally getting the message!  So simple, yet our ego mind loves to complicate things! ha ha ha  :)

My inspiration to slow down into the flow has been an inside job, I assure you and has organically be born out of my own inner response to the self-imposed career and lifestyle change that began June 2012.  Now, that I am coming up soon on the year cycle, I have noticed that I am slowing down even more, stepping off of the merry-go-round, and loving the languid life that I am leading…  The beauty of all of this is that I feel as “productive” as ever and yet more satisfied, fulfilled from within through a practice of listening in and respecting my own flow and tuning in as best I can to the larger life flow that we are all moving within.  Remaining true to Self and this pace whilst keeping my word to worldly time and space based commitments can be a challenge when everyone around is zipping around so quickly!  I have even started driving the speed limit (which is considered slow it seems) and get all sorts of looks and honks… it’s okay by me.

So to close, I invite you to experiment with your own version of slowing down and going with your flow, inwards and outwards, the flow that feels true and yummy to you!

I look forward to your comments and questions … would love to hear from you via this blog, FB, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

In love, gratitude, and beauty,


Recommended Resources

Steve Gold Experience

I love this singer/songwriter/entertainer/mystic!

Steve is living the dream! Living his “gift” and sharing it with our world!  So inspiring! I had the chance to see him live in April and was moved beyond….


I stumbled upon this blog and love it! Leo Baubuta is awesome! Check this out-all of his work is uncopyrighted and he writes on many of my fave topics!

(this is where these great quotes came from too!)

“Smile, breathe and go slowly.”~Thich Nhat Hanh



9X12 inches Mixed Media on PaperCosmic X Mixed Media on Paper 9×12 inches ©LE Art & Design

“Your own self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world.”

~ Sri Ramana Maharshi

Firstly, Happy Spring 2013!  Theme of the month behind us and the month ahead… change.  For me, this past transition time from our winter into spring has been a beautiful, amazing, and at times, intense flow of some pretty big waves to surf. My highest intention is to be my most real, highest, and most authentic Self, period.  These past few weeks have challenged me on many levels, all for good and all for the purpose of self-actualization.  Being in the world and not of it, as a Spiritual being having a human experience is the aim here.  Yowza, if we are truly honest, living from this orientation is easier said than done at times.

As I reflect upon my shifts in perspective during this time of a great personal paradigm shifting, I can honestly share that there have been moments of ease and grace, deeper self-love and a more profound compassion for self.  Has each moment been easy, no, not 100% easy at all.  My spiritual evolution experiences as of late, though I know deep in my soul what is necessary, has been what I would call a “mixed bag”.  The greatness about this time of great change and “waking up” to my true self on a deeper level, is that the layers that no longer serve my highest Self and highest expression of God’s glory, are sloughing off, revealing the shiny diamond-like Self that is meant to be the beacon of light as destiny has written.  And, as well all have experienced at some point of our lives here, with change and growth, the call to accept, to let go and to allow is part of the package deal.  Just like a cut or physical wound, the process of healing requires immense patience to leave that scab alone and allow nature to heal the wound, even if it itches or nags for our attention!

The fact that there is a fine balance, of the notion of “fate” and the notion of “free will”, like two horses we must balance our two legs on as we ride into the sunset… the power lies in the act of discernment, self-trust and faith.  Faith that all is “working out” perfectly, even when the outer appears different that how we imagined or fantasized or “wanted” it all to be… All is well and all will be well.  This I know for sure and this fact gives me great comfort.  An exhale with a long ahhhhh sound.

I realize that this sharing may be a bit vague, lacking “story” or details, however, “non sono importanti”.  What is important is this.  The beauty and realization of healthy evolution, deep satisfaction, and emotional contentment in life is inevitable when the seeds that we have planted are regularly nurtured, nourished, and cared for with our love.  Honoring the Self, loving the Self and the practice of positive thoughts sustain the connection to the Self to the Divine are all acts and attitudes that bring causeless joy in each moment.  My intent of sharing my thoughts/feelings in this blog is simply to inspire hope in you and our world, defined here as positive expectation, not the usual definition that has a component of lack or fear.  I choose to inspire hope, despite the many challenges that we face in our journey towards wholeness and living as the God-like being that we truly are.  The fact that through our personal evolution we may feel vulnerable, frightened or raw- at the end of the day, we are all moving towards the Light. Each day a little bit closer to discover our own Bright Inner Light and towards The Light. Wishing you much serenity, peace and bliss.

I look forward to your comments and questions … would love to hear from you via this blog, FB, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

In love, gratitude, and Unity Consciousness,


Recommended Resources

Irma Kaye Sawyer

Wonderful blog posts and resources to support you on the journey of being the Bright Star that You Are!I especially like her recent Full Moon Cosmic Keys Blog

“We are the facilitators of our own creative evolution.”
~Bill Hicks




“Diane” Personal Essence Portrait

©LE Art & Design

 Self- love is the source of all our other loves.~ Pierre Corneille 

Dear Beloved Community,

As I write this my heart is filled with love for the beautiful gifts of friendship, community, laughter, and the beauty that is found both in nature and co-created with our hearts/hands.  Love in general and specifically self-love, has been a current theme for me.  I found this question to be very interesting and inspiring:  “What does it look like or mean to love ourselves?”  Yes, of course, a daily spiritual practice, some pampering (or plenty of pampering!), eating well, exercising, deep breathing, plenty of pure drinking water, green drinks, yoga, etc etc etc.  These are all excellent and vibrant expressions of self-love that I love! Yet, let’s look a little deeper into the question posed above as a form of self-inquiry.  I invite you to create a quiet space and explore these questions, inspired by Judy Satori and Mother Mary.

•What is that my heart desires?  Tune into your heart and ask How do I desire to Be?

•What are my soul’s true qualities?

•How can these soul qualities be expressed in my day-to-day life?

•What modifications do I require to make in my day-to-day life to be in more alignment with the true nature of our being?

I invite you to explore these questions and to see what kind of energy changes or ways of Being emerge for you.  I am practicing this self-inquiry now right along with you…  Take your time, take a few days, a week, or longer…  Relax and lean into this blossoming of you.

I look forward to your comments and questions … would love to hear from you via this blog, FB, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

In love, gratitude, and Unity Consciousness,


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North Point Astrology

It appears that this Full Moon is an initiation of sorts. Through experiencing its energies, we have opportunities to come into even greater alignment with our spiritual path, given a willingness to learn and perfect the steps along the way — our cosmic “dancing lesson”.
~Pam Younghans

“Sometimes an artist’s first invention is herself.” ~Stephanie Vaughn



Original in Private Collection

Lagoon Nebula II
Inspired by our vast cosmos… ©LE Art & Design

Every Soul becomes gold when touched by the Beloved.~Rumi

Dear Beloved Community,

Welcome to the January 2013! How are you feeling? As I write this entry, I know that many of us are feeling so many mixed emotions, lots of inner and therefore outer changes, and may be experiencing immense joy, love, and peace!  Personally, I am going through more transformation than I thought possible, and although life is exciting, new, fresh, and keeping me on my toes, sometimes releasing the old ways and habits can be, well, a challenge.

So, on that note, my intention with this blog post is to provide some tools for the journey.  I have listed some of my favorite tools that I have found to be helpful, interesting, and which have provided practical solutions to the many questions that are coming up during this incredible time of planetary ascension and the evolution of humanity.  I pass these along to you simply as an offering, not “the magic pills”.  Consider applying the philosophy of “take what you require and leave the rest”.  I find that this axiom is very useful when exploring and experimenting with the myriad of resources out there in our information age.  Have fun!

I look forward to your comments and connections… would love to hear from you via this blog, FB, or email-lorien@lorieneck.com.

I am here as a fellow spiritual journey-er on the path and support you fully, in the light and in fulfilled love, peace and sacred union with your Higher Self and the Divine.  Remember to laugh a lot as we move along in 2013 and know that this is going to be (and already is!) a great and amazing year!

In love, gratitude, and Unity Consciousness,


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Mastering Alchemy

Energy tools for personal and spiritual growth

Mastery Systems

Mastery Systems offers tools and techniques for individuals to know their own highest choices in any situation, to express their choices with ease and clarity, and more…

Amazingly Simple and Effective Meditations

with Lucinda Drayton of Blissful Records, UK


Alan Watts Narrates in this

 Must See Video

At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities.

~Jean Houston



ImageHeart Nebula, 6X9 inches Mixed Media on Paper ©LE Fine Art

 “The end of the world for a caterpillar is a butterfly.”

~ Anthony De Mello

Greetings of peace, beauty, and love in this most auspicious holiday season!  As we approach the Winter Solstice and end of the year transition into 2013, we are facing immense opportunity for personal change, personal evolution, and personal choice.  There are plenty of cosmic energies swirling around now moving into these last two weeks and through the next few months of 2013.  I encourage you to stay focused, calm, centered, and grounded in your center, in your essence.  And, connect to the Mother Earth frequently through any means possible.  There are many practical steps that you can take, (that I am also taking), listed within the Health Checklist resource below.  To contribute in a positive way to the evolving collective consciousness, let’s continue to do our inner work, and our world will reflect our positive energy.  These times are truly about peace, love, union, light, and grace… Call these qualities into yourself now and radiate these powerful qualities outward from your heart…

One exercise that I am experiencing as beneficial during this ripe window of transformation is as follows:

Using your journal, write down the questions and reflect.  What is that that you wish to change in your life now?  What are your true heart’s desires?  What are your dreams for your life?  (dream BIG!) I urge you to write your responses down clearly and in block letters and to read the list daily, first thing in the AM and last thing in the PM before sleep.  Keep up this ritual of reading your list and really feel the feeling of living your dreams fulfilled now.  Do this practice until your dreams (each one) has actualized.  Stay flexible, open, alert, and creative! Have fun!

I am currently experimenting with this practice and finding it to be fun and supportive in my visioning and daily agenda priorities as well.  The idea is to capture the Big Picture and then, meditate on inspired actions that can be taken, as well as strategies to create the desired reality that you wish.  Invoke your “attitude of gratitude” in your heart chakra and infuse your dreams and heart’s desires with love, light, and silence.  It’s vital to hold your dreams and visions in an incubator, similar to the mother’s womb.  When it is “time” to birth and share with the world… you’ll know.  Happy Dreaming from your state of Your Dreams Already Fulfilled.  You can be, do, and have all that you divinely desire…  I vote your permanent victory in the light!

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

Until 2013…

In love, gratitude, and One Unity Consciousness,


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“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”

~Mother Teresa


Gratitude is the Gas

Earthscape II ©LE Art & Design

“When you arise in the morning think of what a privilege is it to be alive, to think,

to enjoy, to love.”

~Marcus Aurelius (121-180)

Roman Emperor

This month I want to explore the simplicity and power of gratitude.  What makes being grateful such a simple, yet profound affective act?  From my experience, it is the counting of the most minute and mundane
aspects of life.  For example, being thankful for basic things like shelter, food, water, clothes, etc… that create more of what we desire and create more abundance in all areas of life.

As Thanksgiving time is at our heels, it is the time of the year when we collectively reflect on what we are grateful for.  Consider starting now and continuing throughout the year.  Combine gratitude with desire.  What does your heart truly desire?  What are you truly and simply grateful for?  Write it down.  Experiment and see what miracles unfurl…

Let’s  practice every day, let’s count our blessings, and actualize our dreams…  Gratitude is the gas that moves our life forward.

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

Until Next time…

In love and gratitude,

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A place for nurturing mind, body and spirit.

•Deepak Chopra’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge

Even though this event already has begun, it’s free for a limited time and full of

wisdom and resources. Each day is a 15-min meditation.

•Elizabeth Gilbert

Your Elusive Creative Genius

•The Magic

by Rhonda Byrne

Amazing transformative book on the magic of thank you.

“If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “Thank You”, that would suffice.”

~Meister Eckhart



Pray, Love, Eat-Part IV

Earthscape I ©LE Art & Design

Beauty triumphs over the suffering inherent in life.


Autumn Greetings!

Trusting that all is well in your worlds…. My theme for this month’s musing is the Body Beautiful- some Body LOVE! Do you feel at home in your Body Beautiful?  If not, why not?  How are you feeling these days? For myself, the body is talking and I must listen!  Changes in my sensual sensitivities in general,but specifically a heightened sense of awareness of what I can and cannot put into the body anymore is serious. And, with an important election year at our doorstep in a few weeks in the US and in CA, the food supply issue is at the forefront.

The fact that as we evolve as beings, our bodies are becoming more sensitive, even those of us who eat pretty close to the earth and simple are really needing to pay closer attention.  With the whole GMO issue, it’s now time more than ever to take action not only to eat local, organic and from the farmer’s market, but to seriously look into growing our own food!  Just do your best to eat what feels life-giving, healthy, nourishing….and if in the US, get out to VOTE on November 6 to get the labeling of non-GMO Prop 37 passed.  We are all in this together, right?

In addition to making little adjustments almost every day on what I choose to feed the Body Beautiful, I am finding that my inner happiness/health rests in part on the quality and awareness of my breath.  A deep breathing practice, not rigid, but daily, has been such a wonder and “game changer” when feeling any stress, tension, and especially to move me right back into the present moment. Ahhhhhhh…..

Next, movement of the Body Beautiful on a daily basis. Anything will do! What do you love to do to get moving?  I love tennis with friends, walking either in solitude or with friends on long stretches of beaches or hiking up in the hills and woods…. Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, running, roller blading, ecstatic dance, Nia dance, 5 Rhythms, anything to get the body moving!  I’ve tried em’ all and love em’ all, but when it comes down to it these days, simple and easy is what I’m drawn to…What are you drawn to?

Mother Nature calls and the bottom line is, I love being under the big sky and touching the earth, it’s grounding and just feels good. Putting on a pair of shoes and just walking… breathing in clean O2, feeling the gratitude and joy of being alive on this glorious planet at this glorious time.

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

Until Next time…

Much BODY love and beauty,

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Deep Breathing

A simple guide outlining a few nice breathing practices.


An amazing and simple full-body sensory movement modality…..


“If you do not take care of your body, where will you live?”



Ciel/Mer XIV, 29″X41″, Mixed Media on Paper ©LE Art & Design

With my 3-part Pray, Love, Eat series coming to a halt (for now) I am now free to share, well, free-ly!

September is one of my favorite times of the year… why you might ask?  Well, it’s really all about my birthday!  ;)  But frankly, it does have something to do with the annual cycle of my early September birth-day and rhythms that this time of the year seems to invoke in all of us.  Time to go back to school, get serious, summer is over, it’s time where the “rubber hits the road”, and when we re-commit to what we maybe took a summer “break” from….

Does that resonate with you?  Do you re-examine and re-commit to the lofty plans, dreams, intentions that you planted seeds for in the winter and spring during this time of transition of late summer to the Autumnal  Equinox?
If not, why not?  It is a naturally easier time to “get serious” with the collective going back to university, grade school, or secondary to teach or be a student, so everyone is that groove.  As this cycle comes around again, I find  myself naturally self-reflecting into what my deeper, most meaningful passions and intentions are and either digging my heels in deeper or letting some ideas, seeds, plans go…And, when these intentions for creating and action are firm and feel good, then it’s time to bring your “A” game!

What does it mean to You to “bring your “A” game”?  I ask you to think about that for a second….  do you know what that looks like for you, whatever the context or circumstance?  I experienced a situation recently where this very question came up for me and it was a revelation to deepen my experience of the I AM, my highest and best SELF.

Days after this revelation, I was having a conversation with a good friend about this topic and he commented, “how can you NOT bring your “A” game?”  And, you know what, he’s right! Even if you do not want the job, the opportunity, the girl, the guy, etc…. that’s NOT what the “A” game is about.  Of course we “bring it” when we have expectations and desire a certain outcome, but that’s not was this is about.  It’s about how you and (I) feel about ourselves… It’s about self-respect, self-worth, deserving, and the lot.  It’s all about YOU!  At the end of the day… it’s all about the I AM.

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

Until Next time…

Much love and beauty,


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The beauty and mystery of the unknown, calling…..

“This time is utterly about surrendering to the unknown and letting go of what we essentially have no control over.”

~Jessica of New Paradigm Astrology

Have you ever wondered about what happens when you take the leap?  When the prayers, the endless “self-help addict” musings get tired, and when you just do it, feel the fear and do it anyway?  (It’s difficult to get away from these darn book titles!)  Well, I can certainly say that it’s not all a garden of roses, meaning, the moment of surrender does not give instant ripe fruit!

Since I have left my familiar shore, and ventured out not just on a fancy feast for the eyes in Italy, but to start the next chapters and era of my both professional and artistic life, I have discovered that I have only just really begun the adventure and that my dreams will take some time to manifest.  Believe me, I did not expect that the moment I turned in my paperwork, all of my larger dreams would be delivered on a silver platter, rewarding me for my courage to step out of my fear.  However, I do want things to move more quickly than they are, and yet there is necessary process that one must undertake.

And, so, my journey since returning back from the Italian sojourn, fresh and brimming with inspiration, creativity, and ideas, has been almost “sidetracked” by all sorts of inner work, processes of inner refinement about what it is I really do want, and a deepening of the truth of who I am that has needed to be cultivated by writing, meditating, and some honest self-reflection.  The daily practice of gratitude and the power of thank you, for every detail that I can feel deep appreciation for has been my boat on the sea of life. I cannot express in words how profound this practice can be when done with sincerity and feeling.

The journey towards wholeness and readiness has taken over for now…. I am emerging though, from yet another thicker cocoon, and know that I will become the beautiful butterfly that I am born to be.  And, I am truly grateful.

As I am writing this, August 16, my Happy Hints was focused on the theme of Patience.  And, to quote:

“Patience leads to… wisdom.  There is can be no appreciation of wisdom’s bounty if you are not prepared to wait for her fruits to ripen.  Everything takes time.  There is a process to change and growth that must be respected.  Once we honor that process all that we seek comes to or door.  So don’t sit impatiently waiting for positive outcomes, just do the right thing according to your capacity and even the unimagined will come and find you.”

To be continued…

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Choury DeVelle Bsc, CHt., NLP
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Until Next time

Much love and beauty,




This moth image was “captured” at the Museo di Storia Naturale La Specola, Florence, Italy ©All Rights Reserved, no reproduction or use without written consent of the artist. Thank you.

“A thousand miles begins with one step…” Lao Tzu

So, where did I leave off?  I was in studying drawing and painting in Florence, Italy for 3- weeks, as well as traveling around a bit throughout Italy, and visiting friends on a beautiful island called Sardinia.  The beauty of this stage of Eat, like I mentioned in last month’s entry, is that it is sooo easy to accomplish that in the land of great espresso, vino, pizza, and gelato!  But, I am not simply talking about food and libations per se, nor consuming it all at once or personally ingesting it all.  What I am referring to by Eat, is to partake of all that life on earth has to offer with a refined, patient, and conscious awareness.  This may sound cliché, but I am in essence speaking of living this one and precious life fully, without fear, without trepidation, in FULL living color, sights, sounds, smells, textures, and tastes

My month in Italy showed me just how luscious, how sensual, how aesthetically beautiful each detail and moment can be.  The sheer volume and plethora of (as a friend calls it) “bright, shiny, objects” is truly remarkable, in addition to the architectural, artistic, and culinary environment that Italy provides.  As I moved through each days of endless “NOW” moments, I was in a constant state of awe and reverence for all of this beauty that I speak of.  To breathe in and be fully satisfied in the NOW and the next NOW, is where I feel the meaning of my life is taking me.

What I want to emphasize here, is that it was enough to look at and experience through the senses, but not imperative for me to “own” through the compulsive consumption that being enculturated in the states has instilled in so many of us unconsciously and yet leaves us dissatisfied and always wanting more, bigger, better!  So, as an experiment, I relied on my mantra, “just looking” and chose to keep this strong muscle in check and staying as present in the NOW as possible.  No easy feat in a place like that!  However,  I chose instead, especially during the Drawing and Painting intensive class in Florence, to sketch, take “creative” pictures, and simply keep paying attention to the knee-jerk reflex to “consume”.  Part of this self-control was by default, as I had to keep my luggage under 15kg, as I was moving around so much! ( I highly recommend doing this as a safe guard against unconscious “collecting”!)

So, where did I move around to so much and what did I see… Venice, Florence, Assisi, Verona and Alghero, Sardinia…  All sublime and offering so much natural and genius-inspired beauty.

These pics are just a few of the highlights of the eye candy and musings that I speak of…

Opening to the Next Dimension, Firenze, Italia

Ponte Vecchio Over the Arno, Firenze, Italia

The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, Firenze, Italia

The Grand Canal, Venizia, Italia

The Ponte Pietra over the Adige river, Verona, Italia

Basilica Papale di San Francesco, Assisi, Italia

Sunset Over the Harbor, Alghero, Sardinia

Chapter 1 is complete and now I step into Chapter 2.  And, as I segue into this new chapter of the book that is my life, I leave you with a quote and a practice that I have found to be both beautiful and practical.

“Transformation can be difficult to see, as we mourn a release of our past, to allow the birth of something new to arrive. We cannot always see what is really happening with our eyes, but we can Know with our Hearts that a new beginning is about to take place.”

~Carolyn M Greenleaf

Breath of your Heart
“Taking time to create a deep connection within you is paramount right now. For many, having a physical action that can be repeated will provide a connection that transcends mind, body and spirit. When the mind is frantic, bringing your hands to your heart and breathing into the warmth of your palms can begin a process known in physics as entrainment.

Spiritually you are attuning your entire being to the beat of your heart, which connects you deeply to God’s Love. As you slow your breaths, you begin to balance your heartbeats and your breath. This rhythmic breathing pattern will begin to calm your mind, and bring a sense of harmony to your body in a short amount of time when it becomes a familiar ritual.”

~Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

Until Next time

Much love,


To be continued…

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Image©LE Art & Design

India, Los Angeles, Italia! I may not have written the book by a similar title, but my personal journey certainly has similarities in universal themes expressed in the book. I am excited to share with you a new series of blogs that shine light on the insights into my life as an austere yogi, turned self-love junkie, and sensuous lover of life!

My aim and objective is to share key themes and life lessons from my story, but in a concise manner. So, I will start with the current life choices that I have made of late and weave in the past with the present and future. Right now, I am currently immersed in an intensive drawing and painting course in Firenze, Italia for the summer. This study abroad program is on the curtails of starting my voluntary sabbatical from teaching art full time in the public education system in Los Angeles for the past ten years.

These decisions were not made overnight, noooooooo. These decisions were grounded in a cycle of meditations, musings, supportive coaching, creative processes, and love from my community. Many days and hours have been spent planning, ditching plans, deciding to stay, deciding to go, and around again. I am happy to say that at this date and time of publishing, I have said goodbye to the familiar shores of a life that I knew so well, almost too well. The daily ritual of the morning commute on the 10 Freeway East to downtown LA (yikes!), the daily bike rides that I loved so much on the Pacific coastline bike path (to balance out the AM commute!), and the well-worn track of my life in LA, are all a part of my past and my story.  I am grateful for every moment, but the pull of my heart has won and I am now in between the trapeze bars, flying in mid air and feeling free and like I’m a child again, trusting all steps on the journey… It’s a joy and intense and beautiful and amazing.

So, I guess that you could say that I am EATing now. The days of fasting and purification in this cycle are behind me for now and I am allowing myself to partake, to indulge, and to experience the diverse, robust flavors and sensuous textures that a new chapter of life offers.

To be continued…

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

Much love,


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http://lorieneck.com/closeups/earthabove_sunburst.html©LE Art & Design

Hello and welcome to my monthly blog!

How is May for you so far… how is 2012, the year of empowerment and transformation coming along?

Intense, huh?  For me, this month is all about out with the old, to make way for the new!  2012 has certainly been the year to embrace change, face fears, go beyond self-limiting beliefs, and transform- literally “Trans is a Latin noun or prefix, meaning “across”, “beyond” or “on the opposite side”.  I will share some of the results of my current reality in the June blog and my newsletter with images and sound. (Isn’t the suspense awesome?)  :)

Change is happening, newness emerging, and the creation of the next, exciting chapter is evolving and unfolding…  I am excited to share more of the details and will do so after this current bridge phase of clearing out is behind me….

In my experience so far, May has been about bridging to the next level and preparing for what is to emerge, comparable to the cocoon or chrysalis stage of becoming the butterfly.   What this looks like is simplifying and de-cluttering.  De-cluttering the mind, the body, the emotions, the spirit- of all that is not needed anymore.  This clearing out has been happening on all of these levels simultaneously consciously (and sub-consciously I am sure too).  But practically speaking, I have been intensively clearing out physical spaces- home, work, computer, car, storage spaces-all of the physical areas that I “occupy”.  The motto or mantra to move the stuff and therefore energy out is, “use it, love it, or lose it”.  And, it is working, albeit, it has been a major undertaking!  I feel lighter, free-er, and more open to the opportunities that await my journey!

And, I have had and have lots of help along the way….So, with that, I leave you with a little inspirational video by my talented friend Lucinda Drayton and this month’s recommended resources.

Video of “Child” by Bliss


Bliss CD

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

Until June- when the summer sun touches our skin and the ocean sparkles to remind us of our own inner diamond-like beauty,


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Quantum Meditation and Transformation

Choury DeVelle Bsc, CHt., NLP
12405 Puerta Real
Suite 260
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
(714) 624-1956


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My topic for this blog is taking risks, leaps of faith and the concept of attachments.  That’s a lot, right?  Well, I am simply going to touch on these rich focus areas.  I have been ruminating, meditating upon, and moving towards some big changes in my life as of late.  It’s an exciting time to be alive and although I am eternally grateful for the life that I am living now, I see paths ahead that require that I take some key risks and and require that I take a leap!

My daily aim and objective is to achieve not only a degree of clarity about these decisions, changes, and “power moves”, but to also feel a deeper sense of peace and acceptance as I move forward in a specific direction.  This has not been so easy, but I have been getting lots of support and help along the way.  For instance, just today, a friend sent me a little I-ching or sound bite today that said, “Go out on a limb, that’s where the fruit is” and well quite frankly, I feel that this is probably true.  If one truly wants to experience the satisfaction that comes from fulfillment, then, some sort of risk must be taken “out of the comfort zone”.

What also is coming up during this shift for me, is a re-e-valu-ation of my personal attachments.  It is so interesting to me how much actual stuff accumulates, the amount of “things” that form around a person, and how the subtle strings of attachment bind us to get stuck in it all.  Attachments to people, well that is a whole other story!  That is in process too….I am finding my attachments are one of the toughest terrains to navigate at the moment, but will stay determined so that I can reach my goals, stay true, and follow the guidance of my higher self.

So, as I venture ahead, I leave you with these words from Anthony De Mello:

“The moment you pick u pan attachment, the functioning of this lovely apparatus called the human heart is destroyed.”  He says, “You must choose between your attachment and happiness.  You cannot have both.  The moment you pick up an attachment, your heart is thrown off kilter and your ability to lead a joyful carefree life is destroyed.”

Some suggested resources for your journey:

The Way to Love Anthony De Mello

Any book by Anthony De Mello

DNA Evolution

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

In love and light,




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The Spring Equinox  officially rolls on March 19th @ 10:14 PM PST & on March 20th @ 1:14 AM EST & 5:14 AM GMT/UT.  Does this fact, this transition of the “outer” season/cycle affect your “inner” world’s season/cycle?

For myself, although I live (and have mostly lived) in a predominantly season-less place, Southern California, I do feel the outer shift in my inner world.  How?  I feel excited about all of the newness that is about to sprout up from seed thoughts and actions planted deep in the three-month span of a snow-less winter.  I feel a surge of fresh energy, like fresh oxygen from a deep breath of pure ocean air in my day.  I do feel a subtle, but very powerful infusion of vital life force energy coming up from the earth and moving through the ethers….

It is a very exciting and “all things are possible” time on planet Earth.  Dream Big, plant the seeds, water, sun, love, belief, trust, and let us all remember to breathe deeply as we move into this next season.

As for my creative projects and creations… lots going on and to be revealed soon at:

Lórien Eck Fine Art

And, lastly, a few of the resources that are supporting and inspiring my journey of late:

Oneness of Us

Gently Moving Forward

Acknowledge is Power

Chi Field

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

All love,




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February 2012. Year of the Water Dragon.  Valentine’s day coming up. I offer this thought and inquiry, “what if Valentine’s day was everyday?” What if YOU were always your first Valentine and your significant others and/or humanity closely near the top?  Love is….

What a year it has been so far for me, lots of love…. After a quick start of 3 concurrent art show openings and exhibits, blogs posts,  art receptions, art creating, and lots of new connections, I am taking a long, deep breath to absorb it all in. It’s now time to settle in and allow the new experiences to integrate.  Settling into the love from my larger community and all of those supporting my art work as it is launched into the world.

Self love and love for humanity is on my mind and in my heart.  How do I continually bring this LOVE, for self and others, into my day to day experiences and interactions? How do WE continually bring this LOVE, for self and others, into our day to day experiences and interactions? How do YOU continually bring this LOVE, for self and others, into your day to day experiences and interactions?

So, I leave these questions with you and will be back in March with more musings on life and love.

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

With immense Love and Gratitude,


Check out the latest art news:


Latest blog entry for Laguna Niguel Patch




This is such an exciting time in our lives!  2012 will be whatever you want it to be! That is the beauty of who we are in this time of truth, love, light, reinvention, and transformation from the chrysalis to the butterfly.

Dream it, nurture it, become it, be, be, be…

Now, for my update of exciting news in my world, the world I know as light, color, beauty…

On January 4, 2012, I will be launching my new website


Opening Jan. 5, 2012 at the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel, 7 of my original mixed media paintings will be exhibited through March 31.  These artworks can be experienced in person in the hotel gallery space off of the main lobby.  You can even purchase one to take home for your own walls!

One Ritz-Carlton Drive,
Dana Point, California 92629

Earth and Above: Borealis III 22X30 mixed media on paper

Also, opening on January 20, 3 brand new pieces will be exhibited at haleARTS

S P A C E in Santa Monica.

This show runs January 20 – January 31, 2012.
Opening Reception with the artist is Friday, January 20, 5-8 PM
haleARTS S P A C E
emerging artists for emerging collectors

2443 Main Street
Santa Monica,CA 90405

And, one more amazing opportunity to share in the fresh 2012 New Year….

Lórien Eck Fine Art has been selected as the Featured Local Artist for “Local’s Night” at the Whole Foods Market Venice for the Venice Art Crawl, Thursday, January 19.

A  reception for the artist with live music that night from 5:30p-8:30p at

Whole Foods Market-Venice

225 Lincoln Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291 USA
map, directions & nearby stores

Phone 310.566.9480

I look forward to sharing my latest artistic creations with you throughout 2012 and beyond….to celebrating life with you!

It is my purpose to serve and offer my gifts… with gratitude.

Happy,  healthy, prosperous, wonderous, and days filled with miracles to you every day of 2012 and beyond,

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

Love and light,




Dear Friends:

Happy Autumn!  After quite a bit of time of silence and travels,  I am happy to be back here writing to share about my latest musings, creations, and offerings.

I have been actively creating an inspiring body of art works on paper this past summer.  And, I am happy to announce that I will be offering a select collection of these new works at an exciting new art gallery space on Main Street in Santa Monica.  haleARTS SPACE opened its doors in the summer of 2011 in the Edgemar Center, a structure located in the heart of Main Street and designed by local architect Frank Gehry.

See this link: http://www.halearts.com/haleARTS/Welcome.html

This collection of smaller (18″X24″) mixed media works on paper are stand alone pieces and each piece is made available as a Limited Edition of One, signed by the artist.  They will be offered for a limited time (during the Art Sales Oct. 15/16 and Dec. 3/4 ONLY) for a price of $100- allowing new art collectors an opportunity to covet a master work from an emerging local artist.

Here is a sample of one of the original pieces available exclusively at haleARTS SPACE:

And, below is my artist statement:

Lórien Eck creates unique mixed media paintings that are rich in texture, color, light, sparkle, and dimension. My work is available as one-of-a-kind creations- thus preserving the touch of the hand and of the intention of spirit.

My work is to be experienced up close and personal, invoking a connection to source, truth, and natural beauty. My inspiration is sourced from the quest for beauty, truth, and the Divine in all beings and things.
Lórien’s intention as an artist is to create beautiful pieces that inspire hope, healing, and that act as a catalyst for a transformative spiritual experience in the individual and humanity as a whole.

I look forward to hearing from you all- and from my new collectors!

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

In beauty and light,





our hands on workshop in the arts wing at SLU

My week long visit to St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY where  I graduated with an M. Ed. in ’06 was divine!  This teaching and speaking residency gave me the opportunity to spend time sharing stories from my nine years of teaching art in LA, as well as learning about how the education cuts are impacting the local education community on the opposite side of the country.  And, to meet some wonderful, very creative and inspiring university students and profs!

See (http://www.stlawu.edu/academics/programs/education/students/3113)

I spent time with several classes interacting with over 120 SLU undergraduate and graduate students.  It was such fun!

On Thursday, I was involved with speaking and sharing about my art work and the global initiative World Wide Weavers (www.worldwideweavers.com) with two other local artists Paul Pedersen and Michael Frenette spoke and shared their work with the group of about 30+ students and community members.

After the talks, we moved into a large open studio space where all had an opportunity to paint acrylic on canvas (and some paper too).

From the SLU Adirondack ProgramAt the end of the creative session, we re-gathered and debriefed together about the “creative process” that was experienced.  It was wonderful and interesting to witness many similar stories that these science majors and various other “non-artists” had to share about their love of making art and how they feel that their creativity has been sucked out of them or pushed down as they moved ahead into high school and university life.  The overarching theme was how it was so refreshing and like drinking a glass of cool water after a walk across the desert to pick up a paint brush and simply express themselves in color, shape, and forms.  Without judgment, correct answers, or any specific instructions or mandated outcomes.  In addition,  as students they said that they are used to be told exactly what is expected, how to get to the right answer via a proven formula and path.  And, when asked to create, invent, innovate something out of nothing with little boundaries given, they feel unprepared and confused.  Uh oh….

The beauty of this open, unstructured art experience was that although the participants were not given specific instructions, each one came up with their own success story!

The arts give so much in the way of critical thinking skills, the capacity to invent, to be flexible, to innovate, to collaborate- all 21st century skills for the global market.

For specific info on the Creative Economy in California, see the Otis Report


Save the Arts!


Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

Peace and Love,




Arts Collaborative

Today I had my first full day at SLU as a guest/teacher/artist in residence. Visiting about 5 different classes, ranging from undergrad to grad- it was amazing! Classes raging from Contemporary Issues in Education to Educational Leadership with a variety of Education department professors to a Gender Studies class entitled Performing Women’s Identities with Dr. Evette Hornsby-Minor.

(see http://www.stlawu.edu/academics/programs/education/students/3113)

I learned something new about rural America. Rural America can be likened to the urban area, specifically “inner city” America like where I teach in Los Angeles, yet does not garner as much attention nor funding opportunities, yet the need is there. Interesting.
I learned that like LA, many good teachers are losing their jobs here-across the board, but of course, the visual and performing arts are hit hard-disappointing many students.

I learned again, how critical it is for me to enjoy and celebrate the vibrant, rich, and diverse culture that LA offers.

More to come as the next day arrives- including photos!

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.




Hello Friends:

January came and went and I missed my monthly blog entry, apologies.  The month bounced by so quickly and now we find ourselves 25% into February 2011!  So, on that note, I wish you a hearty Happy New Year to You!

I will take up the theme of the Chinese year of the Rabbit, as this is how I feel, like time is hopping so quickly and creatively too!

This change from the Year of the Tiger to the Year of the Rabbit officially on Feb. 3, 2011, and I can say that I personally felt the shift!  Not only did I move some furniture to reflect a recent Feng Shui consultation, but I felt a sense of relief from the move away from the  tumultuous Tiger to the calm Rabbit. I do not know about you, but I experienced a roller coaster of a 2010.  Although this shift was subtle, it was felt in my subtle body!

For a great article on our rabbit year, see this article from my local paper:


So, as I sign off of this entry, I wish you all a wonderful, creative, calm, and love-filled 12 months.

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.




The year 2010, winding down but not before a dramatic Total Full Moon Lunar eclipse and  Winter Solstice celebration on Dec. 21.  What a way to end a year full of surprises, accomplishments, and moments full of joy, love, risk, beauty, and release.

The darkest day of the year was ironically the brightest with the full moon lighting the night sky. And for myself, this excerpt sums it all up best in terms of how to harness this powerful energy for the year to come (even if you do not believe in the art/science of astrology, this is just good stuff to ruminate on):

“The Solstice unveils the return of the light of consciousness.  Now is the time to jettison all emotional baggage and habitual thought patterns.  These will not serve you at all in the coming years! Our new conversations may be difficult at first.  We will not know how to express ourselves.  It is crucial that we embrace this time of not knowing and allow ourselves to liberate and transform our relationship to language and communication.
How can you use this energy?  How can your mind guide you to deeper emotional truth?  How can your mind partner with your heart?  What will that look like?  How will that be expressed?  What will that create?  What will that destroy?   What will you call this new state of being?

This is the Season of Darkness and Light!  Celebrate and be Joyous!  See you in 2011!”

~excerpt from http://www.facebook.com/lorien.eck#!/pages/Home-Planet-Astrology/104307816279417?v=wall

So, as you let go of old beliefs, transcend thought patterns and look ahead to set your intentions for 2011,

I wish us all the best year ever, one full of limitless possibilities, sparkly magic, deep love, full and hearty compassion, and the courage to step beyond our own perceptions of self and other.

May you experience exceptional health, abundant wealth, and progression towards the fulfillment of potential in 2011 and beyond.

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

With love and many blessings,




Attitude of Gratitude

©LE Art & Design (photo)

This time of the year, Thanksgiving season in the U.S., is an obvious time to be thankful and look at what we truly have to be grateful for in our lives.  Taking inventory on what is a blessing in our life on a daily basis is a practice that this season brings to mind for me.  Although, I have been told by many a good friend to just “have an attitude of gratitude” and whatever I am grateful for will increase because what we focus on gets bigger.  So…. on that premise, here is my practice of choice.

Upon waking in the morning or closing the day with creating a mental list of some of the little and big things in our lives.  Some of my favorite appreciations in my life are: good health, a roof over our heads, beautiful sunsets, food on the table, good friends, loving family, good employment using my God-given gifts, opportunities to grow, just to name a few.

I offer this blog entry to you as a gift and a gentle reminder to carry the season of warmth and the abundance of love, sharing, and kindness throughout your days.  Make Thanksgiving- the giving of thanks- a daily practice and watch your blessings grow, become a happier individual, and this good energy will naturally impact to all of those around you.

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.






The Power of Choice

©LE Art & Design (photo)

This month’s theme, or the theme that is emerged in my consciousness today, is the concept of choice. The power to choose, to select this or that, this way or that way, this thought or that thought, is completely 100% up to “us”, each individual and in the power of the ever-present moment of NOW.

Experience has taught me that to think a certain thought, I will feel a certain correlating emotion. And, so learning to consciously choose those thoughts, in the moment, that bring joy, relief, calm, peace, has become one of the choices  that I must aspire to make in all of my waking moments as I move through my day. The beauty of choice, is that it is always there, like a faithful and loyal friend.  This makes me feel very content.

The power of the present moment, combined with the power to choose, I am left with no space to slip into thoughts of helplessness, blame, or doubt. This gives me and us such authority to become who we were born to be.

The inspiration for this blog entry can be found at: http://www.thereachapproach.co.uk/

Lots of great free reading materials in the Resource section of the site.

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

With Love,





Super Harvest Moon…

As we celebrate the Autumnal Equinox, we are also enjoying this Indian Summer here on the West coast it’s in the 80’s/90’s!

Let’s focus on the present full moon- it’s called a “super” harvest moon.
This year marks the first night since 1991 that the harvest moon fell on the Autumnal equinox. And it won’t happen again until 2029. The term harvest moon refers to the closest full moon to the Autumnal equinox. Wow!

Autumnal equinox is considered a time of the Mysteries. Considered a time of balance, it is when we stop and relax and enjoy the fruits of our personal harvests, whether they be from toiling in our gardens, working at our jobs, or just moving along through the “hustle-bustle” of everyday life.

Take time to acknowledge your accomplishments and raise a glass- feel the gratitude of being alive, being healthy, being aware, awake, and on the divine path that you are on.

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

With love,




Indian Summer

©LE Art & Design (photo)

Here we are at the turning point of “back-to-school” and the heating up of the sun’s powerful rays of light.  This transition time isn’t traditionally called “Indian Summer”, (definition:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_summer ), however for some reason it feels like it to me.  It might be because in So Cal, where I live, it has been an unusually “overcast” or fogged in, relatively cooler summer,  up until about one week ago.  So, the collective community is being pulled between getting to the ocean shore and stocking up on new school supplies, backpacks, and getting those kids onto big yellow school buses!

The feeling in the air is conflicted and yet as humans, we’re adaptable, so we’re just ziggin’ where we need to zig and zaggin’ where we need to zag.

Life is good- enjoy the sunshine and the warmth of the summer breezes, the learning process of being in “school”, and the combination of the two!  :)

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

Lots of love,




©LE Art & Design

We have heard this before, so many times, but what does it really mean to you? to me?

The Home represents an aspect of the Self.  It is what keeps us safe, it is the place we go to recharge, it is like our outer skin, like a second body to our Soul.

I chose this topic for this month’s Blog entry because of the life change that I am experiencing; an opening of the heart, the decision to finally move out of my home of eight years to a home near the sea, where my back yard will extend all the way to Australia!

This journey of deciding that I must create “a relaxing sanctuary” near the sea was congruent with the opening of the 4th Chakra, the Heart, and Letting More Love for myself in.  This is also a symbolic and real foundation from which to Create from.  So, in this new home, I will be birthing new paintings, new creative projects, and all things from the heart.

Something that I came across as a tool for understanding, is this classic, and yet so valuable tool: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs:


~may it be useful on your journey…

The summer season brings the expansion, the warmth, the long days of the light of the sun, and, of course, days enjoying the majesty and the beauty of the seashore.

So, as I transition to this new Home, I wish you all a wonderful journey in the Summer season.

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

Much Love,




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As we are in the heart of the longest day of the year, the day with the most light- Summer Solstice-I reflect on the concept and the experience of the light of the sun.

Light- it contains all of the colors of the spectrum of the rainbow.  Light, the opposite of darkness, the absence of the darkness.  Light contains the powerful energy to illuminate the truth, to highlight the essence, to expose, to reveal, and to shine, simply shine.

The light of the sun makes the word go round’, provides us all food, nourishment, and makes all grow- towards itself.  The effortless self-evidence of light is a mirror reflection of who we are, in our most simply form, most simple self, our true essence. This daily cycle of the light of the sun emerging out of the darkness of the night sky is easy to take for granted, especially in sunny Southern California.  And, so as I write this monthly blog, the quiet gratitude of our sun that is burning hot and bright these days, is still warm on my shoulders reminding me of my time soaking it in today.

So, as we move ahead into a 3-month season of sun, let’s take those moments when basking in the light of the sun to remember and give thanks to all of the goodness and life that the sun star gives to us day in and day out.

Om Shanti (a blessing of peace, I am a peaceful soul- a point of light)

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In the Light,



What is love? How can I open to more love, be more loving to self and other? These are questions that I am asking myself
daily…. Love is the glue, the essence of  who we are… love is compassion for self, for others, for even the things that we do not “like”.

What if we even love that which is not to our “liking”? What if we love even those who defame, who hurt, betray, or any other example of what, in the world of duality, can be referred to as “bad”?

How can we grow to open to more love?  This is my journey,  to more love for self, for the oneness, for all.

What has inspired me to this intention of loving more,  are conversations with good friends- sisters, and brothers on this spiraling journey called life.
For more resources and insights, see the following  websites….

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.

In LOVE for ALL,


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I have started this blog to share some thoughts on themed-based subjects ranging from art, education, film, spirituality, and well, life in general!

Stay tuned to this page!  I will be updating this blog on a regular monthly basis.  I am thrilled to be able to have a forum like this to share my thoughts, secrets, and the gems that find their way across the landscape of the world stage and into my sphere and on to YOU!
In the meantime…  take good care and
see you in the stars*

Thank you for reading and I invite you to share your contributions via comments and connections and would love to hear from you via this blog, my face book page, or email lorien@lorieneck.com.






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